M7 Veho bluetooth speaker drops its cheapest price high-quality

Bluetooth speakers have a high cost. However, people can now have it without spending much. This M7 retro-styled Veho Bluetooth speaker drops to its lowest price within a year.

M7 Veho Bluetooth speaker is one of the high-quality products in the market. It got positive reviews and a 4.3 stars rating at Amazon. One review describes it as a delightfully, simple, yet elegant Bluetooth speaker. Also, it is durable and unique.

Features and Specifications

The M7 retro-style Veho Weighs 1.23 lb. Its dimensions are 7.2 in length, 2.08 width, and 3.15 height. 

M7 offers a new user experience in addition to maximum portability. It combines an old-school look as well as modern audio quality. Its design includes a Stylish retro leather strap and a gray sleek to take with any travels.

In terms of the audio quality, the speaker features pre-set equalizer controls. Those pre-set include bass boost and virtual 3D playback. Moreover, users can control the volume of devices separately, even if those devices are connected. 

M7 has a 1,300-mAh rechargeable battery, capable of playing music for 8-10 hours. Other features include a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and water and dust resistance with an IPX4 rating. The customers do not have to worry about taking the speakers to the beach because it will keep it from splashing with water and dust, avoiding getting into its system. 

More with M7 Veho Bluetooth speaker

M7 Veho Bluetooth speaker gives users an option for streaming. Aside from streaming via Bluetooth, users can also play sound using line-in. 

There is a USB port at the back of the speaker. It allows users to charge their mobile phones from them. According to Robyn’s review, this feature gives convenience in an emergency. Charging a phone from the speaker for 20 minutes can add around 14% of the phone’s battery.

The M7 Veho Bluetooth speaker has large compatibility. Users can use it with Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and other Bluetooth-capable devices. 

Price and Inclusions

The M7 Bluetooth speakers include dual acoustic drivers with powerful 20-watts speakers. Inside the package is Leather carry handle, Charging cable, and Line-in cable. 

The price of M7 Veho Bluetooth speaker drops at its lowest price. People can buy it for only $65. It is around 48% off from the original price or at Amazon.

In the history of Veho’s pricing, $65 is not the lowest speaker’s price. However, it is its first time to have a significant price drop in a year. 

M7 Veho Bluetooth speaker at $65 is not available to all. However, buyers should only put a discount code CNETVEHO upon checking out.


Images courtesy of Burst/Pexels

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