MacBook 12-inch will provide unparalleled versatility

MacBook 12-inch will provide unparalleled versatility

The MacBook 12-inch could make a comeback after Apple perfects the Apple Silicon chip that can power it without compromising quality.

Apple’s last four months of the year will be hectic. In the next few weeks, the company is expected to flood the market with Apple products. Headlining the releases will be the iPhone 12. The line up has a total of four new phones that will all be 5G capable.

In its posse will be a new iPad, a new HomePod, and the latest over-ear headphones from the company. On top of these, Apple is also set to debut the first-ever Apple Silicon powered laptop. There is still no confirmation as to which laptop this will be. However, the choices are either the MacBook 12-inch or the MacBook Air.

Is the MacBook 12-inch resurrecting?

There isn’t a confirmed answer to this question. However, it could be a possibility that the now-discontinued MacBook 12-inch could make a comeback. The original issue with the device was that it was too underpowered. Apple had to cram too many parts inside it to make it a functioning device.

Unfortunately, they had to compromise quality for the form factor. Yes, they achieved a thin and lightweight laptop, but they also made a monstrosity of problems for its users. The MacBook 12-inch couldn’t run basic programs properly at the same time. In addition, the butterfly keyboard also was a head-scratcher for its poor durability.

As a result, Apple completely discontinued this line. Moving forward, Apple will reportedly use the Apple Silicon as the solution to the problem. ARM-based chipsets all require less power than Intel chipsets. Therefore, the MacBook 12-inch could make a strong resurgence.

The form factor of the laptop is not too big yet not too small, making it a perfect fit in portfolio bags.

Or could it be the MacBook Air?

Based on the assumptions above, the MacBook 12-inch seems to be just a repackaged MacBook Air. As soon as the Apple Silicon was announced, the Air laptop line was already in jeopardy. In reality, there is no need for this lineup because of the advantage provided by the Apple Silicon.

The chipsets require less power, thereby making them a power-efficient processor. In addition, they also do not require heavy cooling so that internal laptop can be trimmed down for essentials.

Add these together, and users will get the benefit that they want to find from the Air.

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