MacBook, Apple teases fans with a dual-screen laptop patent

Apple was just awarded a patent implementing a dual-screen for a laptop, possibly the MacBook, which could forever change the lineup.

For the past several years, Apple has been playing the catchup game. Since Steve Jobs passed away, the company has never been the same in terms of innovation. Yes, they still provide ultra-sleek products and user experience. However, they’ve failed to be at the forefront of innovation.

Instead, they wait and see how a particular technology turns out when implemented by its competitors. The same has been true for the multiple camera lens arrays, wireless charging, USB-C ports, and more.

Nonetheless, there are still patents that surface online, which show that Apple is still doing innovation research. The latest one includes a laptop that has a dual-screen.

Dual-screen MacBook in the works?

A recent patent discovered by PatentlyApple shows a dual-screen technology for a laptop. It is not the first of its kind in the market. Asus has a full screen and a half design on the ZenBook Pro Duo. On the other hand, Lenovo has a full dual-screen laptop on the C930 Yoga. Apple has the same technology, but its design is limited to the TouchBar.

Since its inception, the TouchBar has been polarizing for its users. Users either find it very useful or just a complete waste of space. There is no middle-ground in liking it. Be that as it may, based on the patent found, the TouchBar could be expanded to a massive ‘TouchPad.’

The implementation of this potential technology is unlimited because the experience will be similar to an iPad. Artists will be able to fully control the strokes of their digital tools using their hands. PatentlyApple suggests that DJs can get their virtual turntables, and video gamers can get a unique control interface of their games.

Apple Silicon MacBooks

The dual-screen technology may not see the light of day in Apple Store shelves. After all, not all patent applications turn out to be finished products. Nonetheless, Apple is on to something bigger than just screens. Apple MacBook fans and former fans alike are on the edge of their seats to see how Apple Silicon will change the course of Apple’s laptops.

Apple commits to an even more integrated experience for its users. It also promises better energy efficiency because of Apple Silicons’ internal structure. Transitioning from Intel-based laptops to Apple Silicon-powered laptops will also be smooth, according to the Cupertino-based company.

It remains to be seen how Apple Silicon laptops will be. Be that as it may, all eyes will be on it once it is released.

Image from Tony Alexson/Shutterstock

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