‘Madden 21’ receives review bomb due to bugs and glitches

'Madden 21' receives review bomb due to bugs and glitches

Madden 21 is receiving a ton of grief from players at the moment. The game is receiving universal panning on Metacritic for its atrocious gameplay.

Much of Madden 21 comes across as lazy fare. The NFL video game is rife with bugs and all manners of assets that communicate disinterest from the devs. It’s so bad that Madden currently has the lowest ever review and user score in EA’s history.

The Internet makes hating on Madden fun

Sports games are not the most revolutionary titles out there. Every year, they offer marginal improvements and updates to the same game. Many even fail to stay interesting, mostly targeting gamers who love the real, live sport.

Madden is a glaring example of sports games losing interest in their franchise. Due to the pandemic, sports seasons ground to a complete halt, restarting only recently. The lack of changes on the roster and even new players made new titles impossible.

Electronic Arts still tried to push out a new title, but the doldrums killed off whatever creativity they always had. Madden is a bad game, and it shows.

The game has a 62 review metascore on Metacritic, the lowest EA ever had. What’s more glaring are the user Metascore, giving the game an atrocious 0.3 score. Madden has a ton of bugs and missing textures that make it ridiculous.

People across the internet are showing off the bugs they’re experiencing with the title. So far, the hashtag #NFLDropEA is buzzing around the internet. The full game is a messy comedy of errors that people spent money on.

EA promises patch updates

Madden 21 is likely the worst title of 2020 and for a reason. EA did nothing to make fans like it.

Gamers find that many of the textures came from Madden 19, including the fields and banners. Much of the rosters have infinite stumble animation bugs and balls floating up. Some textures are also missing, which can be painful to look at.

Past Madden releases also have a slew of Day 1 bugs and glitches. Even then, none of them have as many bugs as the game at the moment. In response to the poor reception, EA promised to add a series of updates to polish the title.

EA detailed the areas they will correct on their official site. They already fixed a few areas of the game that are bothersome to players. These include uniform geometry, coach heads not loading correctly, and even team names.

Even then, Madden 21 is not worth any dollar amount at all. It’s a cheap upgrade to Madden 20 at its best and a sad cash grab at worst.

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