‘Madden’ Bowl champion wins tournament without passing the ball


Madden Bowl championship winner cheesed the game in its grand finals.

Pro Madden player Raidel “Joke” Brito ran his way to the goal, even without a proper quarterback. Brito used a weird but potent meta tactic to win his way to Madden Bowl’s $65,000 grand prize.

Joke did not throw a single pass the entire game, and he did not use a quarterback. The strategy Joke used sounds like a real joke, but it’s a real tactic that works. Brito knows what he’s trying to do, and nobody ever thought of it.

Brito used run-only offense with zero passing to win the championship

Through the tournament, finalists need to draft their own players like any real NFL team. Every team has a salary cap, where the company needs to create wiggle room. Like NFL, players with higher ratings will cost more to recruit.

The difference between the game and in-real life is that the gamer is the real quarterback. A real NFL team spends a ton on their quarterbacks for their playmaking skills. Brito knew this and took advantage.

First, Joke did not spend on much on his quarterback, utilizing Redskins punter Tress Way. The money that he saved from not utilizing a prime QB let him spend more on his offense and defense.

ESPN also noted how the pro gamer used the Oakland Raiders’ offensive playbook. At defense, he used Miami Dolphins’ defensive tactics. Why?

The Raiders use a run-focused offense while the Dolphins playbook has a deep defense.

With this strategy, Brito sealed off his opponent, Daniel “Dcroft” Mycroft. He ran every single play without passing while his defense choked off any attempts from Dcroft.

The strategy worked.

Joke chokes Dcroft’s chances with a 17-0 rout

The championship game for Madden Bowl is anything but fun. It was a clinical exercise in dominant strategy, with a meta that is super boring but works.

The goal of the game was to win, not to please a waiting crowd and get their cheers. The 17-0 chokehold that Joke gave Dcroft was a spectacular display of meta-game at work. It’s so crazy that gamers can classify it as cheesing.

Cheesing in a game is a strategy that is boring but exploits the game with the player’s knowledge of the mechanics and flaw in game design. This time around, Joke used his expansive in-game knowledge.

Even then, what Brito did was no joke. The time he poured on the game likely contributed much to his win. The Madden Bowl became Joke’s masterpiece, putting Dcroft to school with authority.

Featured image courtesy of NFL/Youtube Screenshot

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