‘Madden NFL 21’ trailer details featuring new controls, important dates to note

'Madden NFL 21' trailer details featuring new controls, important dates to note

Electronic Arts just released the first trailer of the upcoming Madden NFL 21. The preview featured new control abilities and the new quarterback cover.

As previously wildly hinted, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens is the new face of Madden NFL 21. This cover feature is only fit as he is, in fact, the reigning NFL MVP, oozing with such impressive agility and speed.

As always, the first few trailer drops are just teasers for the ultimate deep dive events. It’s to lure gamers to watch further on the upcoming longer trailers. Like what many game critics describe, it’s the “back of the box” video feature.

Nevertheless, avid fans and players still experienced a breathtaking new look at the upcoming installment of the Madden NFL franchise.

New Madden NFL 21 features and added details

First off, it is important to note the small detail that was added to the players’ look was the mouthpiece. The player community was actually asking the devs for a mouth guard, but a mouthpiece will do.

The thought that the EA actually listened to its fanbase is already a big thumb’s up—we’re off to a good start to Madden NFL 21. 

Furthermore, EA featured a more detailed foot planting, which is a big difference to the game’s predecessor. Also, there’s more potential awareness from the NFL players to reach out for the football.

Moreover, EA’s latest trailer drop highlighted more on its latest gameplay enhancement and added features. One of which is its campaign career mode titled ” Face of the Franchise: Rise To Fame.”

This new mode is more of a playable documentary where players work through creating building their NFL career from rising to fame as a high school quarterback, to going off to college before pivoting to the path of NFL Combine, NFL Draft, until finally solidifying players’ own names as legacies within the Football League. Basically, similar to the NBA 2K franchise’s MyPlayer mode.

Also, there’s the added mechanics for the Madden Ultimate Team mode—Play, Collect, Upgrade.

New gameplay mechanics

Meanwhile, EA featured on the trailer the added control features of the new Skill Stick. Players can now try to master offensive moves such as dead-leg and slide hurdles, and defensive moves such as location-based tackling and breakdown tackling.

In addition, the trailer boasted its new adaptive AI adjustments. Critics are actually on the lookout as to how this new feature will work out.

Important dates to note

As noted earlier, the two trailer drops are just the first of the many that are expected to come before the official global release.

There’s going to be a deep dive series event starting on June 25. The series will be called Talking Madden which will be live-streamed on Twitch. Also, hours from now, EA will launch its EA Play Live event, hopefully, players will also see further gameplay for the sports game.

Two next dates to note are the release dates. Those who will opt to purchase the  MVP and Deluxe Editions of Madden NFL 21 will have the privilege to play the new installment on August 25—three days ahead of everyone else.

This leads us to the second date worth remembering—August 28, the official worldwide release. Check out the pre-order details here.


Featured image courtesy of EAMADDENNFL/YouTube Screenshot

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