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‘Mafia 3 Definitive Edition’ is hiding a map from a cancelled game


One player has discovered a map of Berlin in Mafia 3 Definitive Edition. The map seems to be a part of a canceled game from Hanger 13.

Mafia 3: Definitive Edition may not have received a lot of new content in its re-release. However, one diligent player has discovered an unexpected feature of the game.

The revamped version of Mafia 3 includes all of the game’s DLCs. However, files have been uncovered inside the game that features a map of Berlin.

Although the map is missing important details and textures, the full town is visible.

A leaked map

On his YouTube page, dataminer Sliderv2 posted a clip of him playing Mafia 3 while exploring the controversial map in the ground and in the air.

The map is located miles away from Mafia 3’s fictional city, New Bordeaux. However, it looks like Berlin has nothing to do with the game at all.

Mafia 3’s story never took place in Germany so, fans can only assume that this was from a canceled project.

The video does not reveal how the map is accessed but it exactly matches the reports of a canceled game from Hanger 13.

A canceled game

In 2018, a report from Kotaku states Hanger 13’s plans for a new game called Rhapsody. The game was supposed to be set in the 1980s where players can play as a Russian spy looking for revenge.

The protagonist was supposed to sneak around Berlin in spy missions, investigate the murder of his parents, have a dozen spying devices, and drive a spy-customized car.

The YouTube clip does not give enough details on how the game would have played out. However, it looks like the map’s layout is almost finished.

Problems during development

The map just appears to be a white box version. There is geometry in the map but players cannot explore it or interact with the buildings in any way.

Rhapsody was compared to the movie Kingsman but it received a colossal overhaul. The idea of the game being a spy game was reportedly rejected early in the development.

Considering that Rhapsody was supposedly built using the same engine as Mafia 3, it does make sense why it ended up in Mafia 3.

Rhapsody didn’t make the cut but it seems that its map has survived inside Mafia 3. Hanger 13 will release its remake of Mafia: Definitive Edition on August 28 for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Featured image courtesy of RedTieGuy/Youtube Screenshot

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