Magnetic iPhone 12 wireless charger unveiled ahead of Apple Event

Magnetic iPhone 12 Wireless Charger Unveiled Ahead of Apple Event

Hours before the unveiling of the iPhone 12 this Oct. 13, a tip from Mackotara revealed that the upcoming model is equipped with wireless charging. The magnetic iPhone 12 wireless charger could also be a revival of Apple’s Magsafe brand.

We are hours away from the much-awaited iPhone model this year, the iPhone 12 but like many other speculations, tipster Mackotara just leaked what could be a major feature of the latest iPhone, and that is wireless charging. According to Macrumors, the Japanese accessory manufacturer MPOW has unveiled a new iPhone with a magnetic device attached for wireless charging.

Wireless charging experience

As described by MPOW, the device is equipped with a “ring-shaped magnet mechanism” allowing the device to cling on to the charger while fuelling the battery. If this is true, the upside of this wireless charging experience would be great since it would allow a better charging performance, unlike conventional wired charging.

Another advantage of wireless charging is the hassle-free convenience that it offers. If there is a call or notification to your phone, you can easily pick it up and return it to the wireless charging device.


The said wireless device is only working for the new iPhone. No older iPhone model will work on this device for charging.

The revival of Apple’s Magsafe?

Rumors that Magsafe is coming back are inevitable. According to some tipsters, it may also prevail together with the iPhone 12 this Oct. 13.

Apple is rumored to be working on two Magsafe wireless chargers, the MagSafe charger, and the MagSafe Duo Charger. It is also rumored that it may provide 15 watts of battery power.

The rumors surrounding the iPhone 12 device’s enhancement have been circulating ever since. Earlier this year, there was also a leaked image of an allegedly circular magnetic attachment on the iPhone 12.

It is rumored to be used for wireless charging. Wireless charging has been one of the kind advantages that most mobile companies are looking to have, and if these rumors are true, they will add up to the pillars Apple has been working on innovatively.

MagSafe used to be a beloved charging system for MacBooks. With its rumored comeback, this time we can expect better features and enhancements in its specifications and functions, most especially since it is now working on the new iPhone 12.

Their Apple Watch has wireless charging, so maybe it’s high time for their iPhones to have wireless charging too. Another rumor that is circulating is that Apple is still working on its AirPower Charging Mat, but due to overheating and other issues, this has been kept-out.

For now, the excitement for Apple users for the new iPhone is on, and we are a few hours from its release to the public eye. What will be the other features you are looking for on the iPhone 12?

Images used courtesy of Macrumors

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