MagSafe charging limited to only 12W for iPhone 12 Mini


There’s sad news for future iPhone 12 Mini users. If they use MagSafe, it will only charge the phone up to 12W instead of the regular 15W capacity.

Apple Insider recently reported that support pages for Apple MagSafe had revealed its charging limitation for iPhone 12 Mini. The wireless charger will only provide 12W capability.

The support documents of the iPhone 12 Mini clearly show that the smallest 5G phone is restricted. That is, the peak power delivery level on the smartphone is 12W only.

iPhone 12 Mini and wireless charging issues

Apple publicly said that, initially, that MagSafe wireless charging would support all the iPhone 12 models. And that each new iPhone will get 15W support via the new magnet-assisted cable-less charging.

However, now it’s coming out that there is an exception to the tiny iPhone’s charging capacity.

Yes, the 15W charging is there on the upcoming 12 Pro Max version and even on the regular 12 and Pro models. But it’s just not there on the anticipated Mini.

The exact reason for this difference is not known right now. But one speculation hints at the size of the phone itself. And that is why the 15W charging is not supported, unlike its elder siblings.

Another key information coming out is about the requirements to achieve 12W on the Mini. While the 15W charging needs more than 9V/2.22A of power, the 12W requires more than 9V/2.03A.

The Apple MagSafe will also work on many other chargers with a minimum of 12W supply. But then it will lead to slow charging, obviously.

New Apple event around the corner

Meanwhile, after the big iPhone event, Hi, Speed, Apple is all set to reveal “One More Thing.” The next virtual event is on November tenth, next Tuesday.

It’s the fourth event by the California tech giant this year. And so far, all the virtual sessions have been praised by renowned tech YouTubers. They admired the company’s interactive use of advanced production scales used in these streamed events.

And now the last but not least, “One More Thing” will surely amaze the users and general public once again. Apple’s newly revamped Macbooks with the company’s own Silicon chips are already rumored.

This will complete the entire ecosystem, certainly. Because all other iOS devices already have their native processors. The list includes the Watch series, iPads, Homepods, and the new iPhone 12 line-up, of course.

AirTags and iOS 14.3 announcements also seem likely to happen in the Tuesday event. Rest depends on Apple itself in case it wants to change anything.

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