MagSafe is two times slower than 20W wired charger

Apple’s new MagSafe for iPhones is two times slower than the traditional 20W wired charger. A new report recently revealed it.

According to Macrumors, the latest MagSafe is not expectedly faster than a regular 20W USB-C charger.

In a review video of the Wall Street Journal, it was found that the performance of MagSafe is not up to the mark.

Is the revival of MagSafe worth it?

The latest revived charger for the iPhone 12 series is facing some critical issues. What Apple showed in the Hi, Speed event on October 13 doesn’t seem practical right now.

However, the charger does take less time than a regular 7.5W Qi wireless charger. But compared in terms of more power, it’s not there.

On the one hand, the 20W traditional charger boosts an empty iPhone from 0 to 50% in just 28 minutes. Sadly, the MagSafe charger takes a longer duration of one hour!

In actual usage of a real-time environment, the new wireless charger is not that positive. Even most of the online YouTube reviewers aren’t impressed with it either.

It also seems like buying the rebranded charger is not going to be useful to the buyers. Practical thinking is important when deciding about it.

The combined cost of a MagSafe charger with a 20W power adapter is $58. Plus, the length of the charger is even less than one yard.

Performance of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro post-launch

Meanwhile, the latest iPhone 12 series is eventually and gradually going public. Most of the consumers are getting the pre-order deliveries that they made last week.

Although the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are already getting reactions from popular tech YouTubers for the last few days.

So far, they seem to be impressed with the new additions in the legacy.

Several YouTubers are even saying that new iPhones deliver greatly when it comes to photography and especially videography.

The DolbyVision video recording capability has shocked everyone. The only difference is that iPhone 12 can only do it on 30fps only not 60fps like the Pro version.

Traditionally, too, all iPhones are known to deliver a fantastic video recording experience.

Apart from this, the amazing Super Retina XDR display is turning out pure leisure to the eyes. Every iPhone 12 buyer will enjoy the best viewing time no matter what model he/she has.

All four models this year are supporting the same high-quality OLED screen. So, consumers don’t have to worry about it anymore.

But there are issues also that many people are noticing. And once again, they include the new MagSafe for these iPhones.

Apple should’ve worked a bit more on the rebranded chargers.

Image courtesy of Primakov/Shutterstock

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