MagSafe on iPhone 12, genius rebirth of a beloved feature

MagSafe on iPhone, genius rebirth of a beloved feature

The new MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12 is a stroke of genius by bringing back a hardware feature that many loved with the old MacBooks.

Remember the time when MacBooks had this awesome charging cable that gave off a satisfying click when plugged? Those times were the days when tripping over the charging cable doesn’t result in a dropped MacBook. Instead, the magnet just clicks right off the port, and the laptop is safe.

It was good while it lasted. Unfortunately, Apple had to push innovation further. As such, it had to transition to a USB-C charging system. Unlike the former MagSafe cables, these USB-C cables are hooked right on the laptop. One trip over the cable was all it took to destroy an expensive MacBook.

The good news for everybody is that MagSafe has just been reborn. No, it didn’t reunite with the MacBook. Instead, it found its new purpose, which is to be the best provider of a safe and sure charging system for the iPhones.

The MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12 is awesome

Apart from the new phones announced today, Apple also unveiled a set of accessories that fit perfectly right into a user’s ecosystem. For just US$39, Apple guarantees the new MagSafe charger users an overnight charging without hassle.

Gone are the days when the user has to adjust the phone just to find the perfect spot for charging on a pad. The MagSafe charger eliminates that issue by bringing back the comforting click when it attaches to the back of the phone.

The 15W charging power it provides still has room to improve one. Nevertheless, the entire experience of juicing up the phone has just been upgraded.

More accessories for the iPhone 12

The magnet on the back of the iPhone 12 is a gateway to tons of accessories for the phone. Apple unveiled its take on it by introducing a MagSafe wallet accessory. Users may purchase this to have an instant card or cash holder. Apple didn’t clarify whether charging will be possible or as efficient if there is an inserted item on the sleeve.

Also, Apple has designed special phone cases that can still take advantage of the MagSafe charging. It also didn’t elaborate whether third-party provided cases without the special magnet ring can support wireless charging.

Nevertheless, Apple announced that there are already other company partners that are working on taking advantage of the magnet charging. Belkin, for its part, will release a car mount that has a wireless charging dock that uses the MagSafe.

Image from Apple/ YouTube screenshot

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