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Maid of Sker, a Welsh folklore horror game, releasing later this month


Maid of Sker, a horror game inspired after a popular Welsh folklore and made by the UK-based Wales Interactive is releasing later this month on July 28, 2020. The announcement comes in part of the presentation from the recently-held Future Games Show.

Being developed by the same company that brought Last Shift and SIMULACRA, expectations are quite high for the developing title. This is not to mention that the renowned writers behind Battlefield 1 and SOMA are going to pen Sker’s script.

As a premise, the game revolves around the dark tale involving the Williams household harkening back to the late 1890s. The very same story that gave life to a Victorian-era novel pertaining to a spirit that haunts a centuries-old real estate.

In Maid of Sker, players take on the shoes of Thomas Evans who has to go through a hellish experience to save a beloved.

Sound-based Mechanics

Designed not to be your typical first-person horror game, Sker’s core mechanics revolve around sounds. A key element that every player has to consider throughout the game, which can mean either continued survival or death.

The enemies, dubbed the Quiet Ones, are blind. However, this does not necessarily have to be taken as a handicap on the part of opponents. Despite their seeming lack of vision, these scary monsters have an enhanced ability to perceive sounds and can easily react violently to stimulus. Much to even track the sound from a certain distance to its source.

Essentially adding a “stealth” mechanics into the game, but involving sound, it is all about moving from points A to B without detection. This mindfulness over noises can be somewhere between controlling breathing and walking sneakily during an enemy’s presence.

Inescapable Encounters

But the game does not always allow escape as an option. There are cases when players get to encounter creepy Quiet Ones along the way seemingly without choice. When such encounters are inevitable, players have no choice but to face a deadly foe. But not necessarily with just bare hands, fortunately.

Giving aid to the player, especially in times of need, is a pulse-emitting orb that acts as a means for a quick escapade. Like a gun, this tool relies heavily on ammunition and would expectedly be scarce in nature throughout the game.

The idea, however, does come with a major point. Stealth still plays a major role in the game and renders the weapon most useful in certain cases.

Image used courtesy of Wales Interactive/YouTube Screenshot

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