Maisie Williams thinks nothing is going to top ‘Game of Thrones’

Maisie Williams thinks nothing is going to top 'Game of Thrones'

Maisie Williams played the role of Arya Stark in “Game of Thrones” for almost a decade.

More than a year has passed since Game of Thrones ended its course. But while Maisie Williams already bid her goodbyes to her character as Arya Stark, she shared a few thoughts about the HBO hit series, as well as her stint on the material.

The actress got the role when she was 14. She played the character for almost a decade. Upon ending the series, she has since embarked on a new adventure in the industry. She has taken several other roles for films, like The New Mutants and The Owners.

But despite moving forward, Williams thinks that her stint on Game of Thrones is “unprecedented.” She believes that nothing is ever going to top that, according to Cheat Sheet.

Maisie Williams knows about the future “comparisons”

The publication said that Maisie Williams has set “realistic goals” for herself in terms of her career. She reportedly knows that there will be “comparisons” between her other roles and her character on the HBO hit series.

Speaking to NME earlier in August, the 23-year-old actress said that it would be an “impossible challenge.” Nevertheless, she does not feel any pressure, adding that she wants to do so many other things in the future.

She continued that she measures success in different ways. So, while the fandom will always see her as Arya Stark, she is aware of it and the comparison that it entails.

Doing another “Game of Thrones” will only lead to failure

Maisie Williams told in another interview that Game of Thrones “only comes around once.” She added that she would never be involved in any project like the HBO hit series again.

The actress noted that what the cast and set did for the show was “unprecedented.” If one would try to do another similar stint, she said that it would only fail.

Williams, later on, asserted that every single person on Game of Thrones has certainly obtained the same questions she has continued to receive after the show ended. She said that there are always “accusations” and queries as to whether they will be able to do anything that can be in par with their hit show.

In the end, Maisie William said that nothing is ever going to top the show. When asked about her thoughts on the “controversial” season finale, she said that she is “happy” with it.

Featured image courtesy of Maisie Williams/YouTube

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