Major changes for competitive play in ‘Overwatch’ being considered

Major changes for competitive play in 'Overwatch' being considered

A few months after the release of Overwatch, Blizzard added a competitive mode to the game. Since releasing, competitive mode has undergone a lot of changes already, but it seems like Blizzard is considering a major overhaul.

With the current structure of competitive play in Overwatchplayers have to get into matches with a 2-2-2 set up. This means two players per role, which are Damage, Support, and Tank. This was a fix for long queue times, and it was also an effort to control toxicity in the game.

Despite the success of the new structure, fans still long for open queueing, which allowed them to play whatever role they want. Finally, it seems like Blizzard has found a solution to the problem.

Open queueing might become permanent

Blizzard added a competitive play variant called Competitive Open Queue. It was accessible on the Arcade, meaning it’s a rotational mode, and it will not always be available. Upon the release of the mode, it was discovered that fans loved Competitive Open Queue. It was so popular that Blizzard might very well be making it into a permanent mode.

This means that eventually, Competitive Open Queue in Overwatch will be a mainstay and not a limited-time mode. If this does happen, players will have access to two types of competitive modes; Competitive Open Queue and the one with the role queue.

This is big news for the community as not everyone likes the current competitive mode. Some roles take longer to queue in. Particularly, those that want to play damage often wait for longer periods as the servers are filled with other players wanting to play as a damage hero.

When will the changes be implemented?

Season 21 of competitive play in the game recently ended. Fans are speculating that by the next season, the new changes will have been implemented already. When does season 22 begin?

Season 22 has already begun, but surprisingly, the changes haven’t been implemented yet. However, Blizzard could still be adding the overhaul soon. It’s worth noting that since there will be two competitive modes, players will have double the chances to earn a lot of competitive points by the end of the season.

Competitive mode in Overwatch has always been a big deal for players. With the changes that Blizzard is contemplating on, they might be able to satisfy more of the fan base as well. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see what’s next for the game.


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