Major ‘Sekiro’ update launching next week

FromSoftware’ Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is 2019’s Game of the Year for a ton of reasons and players can’t help but enjoy the title. Now, the developers are giving players more reason to enjoy the game once again.

In a surprising update last month, FromSoftware revealed that there would be a new content drop for SekiroThe update itself features several new additions to the game which players can dive into immediately. Here’s everything we know about the nearing release of the update so far.

Release date

The upcoming update launches on Oct. 28. It will be free for everyone who owns the game. What FromSoftware is adding are endgame content. As such, the new content will be better accessed only if players have finally completed the main campaign of the title.

What’s in the update?

One of the additions in the update is a new feature called Remnants. These will allow players to record a 20-second playthrough of themselves. Other players will be able to see this replays and use it to guide them. It’s basically like the Messages feature from Dark Souls.

The biggest addition in the update is the Gauntlets of Strength. It’s going to be a boss rush mode in the game. Considering how tough the bosses are in the game, players are going to have a tough and enjoyable time going through the mode in Sekiro.

Players will have to go through the gauntlet in one go and it will be one of the toughest challenges in the game yet.

Additionally, players will also have a new mode called Reflection of Strength.  In this mode, they will be able to challenge any previously defeated bosses. Players can use this mode as a means to practice before going through Gauntlets of Strength. It’s the perfect opportunity to check out the weaknesses of each boss.

Moreover, there will be new outfits comingto the game. Players will be able to use these outfits via the Sculptor’s Idols. However, players will have to work hard for these outfits as these will only be unlocked after completing certain achievements within the new game modes.

The Sekiro update launches this Oct. 28. If players haven’t beaten the game yet, they have time to do so still. The update will add a ton of new things to the game so those who’ve finished the game months back will have reason to jump into it once again.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/Twitter

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