MAMAMOO unveils new sets of concept pictures

Mamamoo members have released six new teaser photographs just four days before their debut internet concert.

Mamamoo announced on August 6 that they will perform their first-ever online concert to commemorate the release of their most recent album, WAW. They also published a poster for the performance, which depicted the members strolling down a track field in costumes that appeared to be a throwback to their debut.

Following that, Mamamoo released two sets of teaser pictures to advertise their concert on August 28, which will be placed on August 28. Moomoos are here for Mamamoo’s dualism, which may be observed in these photos.

Striped clothes in black and white

The first series of photographs has all four Mamamoo members dressed in black and white striped clothes on the same track field. Their clothing has a design that is quite similar to what they wore during their debut. In the first shot, all four members of the group are seen standing in a straight line, gazing directly at the camera, in their characteristic posture.

This picture set also included a second image of Wheein and Solar standing together for a sub-unit shot, as well as the third image of Hwasa and Moonbyul. Without breaking into a grin, the girls wore straight faces and displayed intimidating boss lady looks. The girls wore fierce but captivating looks that reflected their daring performances.

Contrasting clothes in bright colors

The second batch of teaser pictures, issued on August 24, told a different narrative than their stark straight faces. On the same track field, the females were observed sitting as though they were spectators. The females were dressed in cheerleader-style white shirts this time. As the four of them sat down on the green-colored chairs, they were observed smiling.

The following two photographs were more sub-unit photos, with Wheein and Solar holding soccer balls above their heads, Hwasa attempting to twirl the ball on her manicured nail, and Moonbyul laughing at the camera while holding the soccer ball. The girls are bright and cheerful, demonstrating Mamamoo’s other character as a fun-loving eccentric girl.

Mamamoo’s WAW performance is their first online concert since their debut, and their first show in two years and one month. From putting out the setlist to directing the stage, the four members are actively coming up with ideas and preparing for a high-quality performance.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo’s first online concert, dubbed WAW, will take place on August 28. Tickets are priced at KRW 38,500 and are available through Olleh TV, Seezn, and Interpark (USD 35).


Image courtesy of MAMAMOO/YouTube

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