Mamamoo’s Hwasa is preparing for her solo album project


RBW announces Mamamoo’s Hwasa is working on the next album for her solo, and the fans go gaga over the announcement.

After the first Mamamoo compilation album, I Say Momoo The Best Mamamoo’s Best, the group will be getting back to focusing on their own projects. There was speculation about who would release their next album.

Hwasa to release a new album

Now fans will not have to think for a while. On September 29th, their label RBW Entertainment announced that Hwasa was working on her solo album. She has released her debut single Twit and the EP Maria. The singer has yet to release an album in the studio.

The year 2021 was the time Mamamoo came out with their eleventh EP, titled WAW. This was which was a collection album and held a show to commemorate their 7th anniversary.

Then Hwasa worked on several projects with Kinda Blue for I Can’t Make You Love Me and DPR Live’s Hula Hoops together with Beenzino.

That’s all she’s done in terms of music. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the singer to have a full return this year. Now, after the announcement of her debut record, Moomoos (Mamamoo’s fans) are thrilled.

The Mamamoo members are on their own now

In addition, since Hwasa is still to release an actual album, the fans are hoping this will be it. Many are of the opinion that the upcoming solo album is an entire studio album, as it has been confirmed that Hwasa has been working on the album for a long time.

Fans are also criticizing the RBW‘s announcement, as they stated, “Hwasa is steadily preparing for an album by herself.” However, regardless of whether it’s an album in the form of a mini-album or studio album, the fans are eagerly awaiting the release.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo’s other participants are busy with their respective schedules. On September 28th, it was revealed that Solar was roped in for JTBC’s talent program Joseon The Top Song.

She’s an official judge alongside two of 2PM’s stars, Song Ga-in and Wooyoung. Moonbyul is currently working on her radio show, Naver’s Studio Moon Night. However, the fans were curious about precisely what Wheein had been up to following she quit RBW. There is a report that she’s joined VIXX Ravi’s new label, THE L1VE.


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