Man drugged by woman he met on Tinder for his bitcoin

Tinder is no longer safe from the ever-present and ever-evolving scams that plague the bitcoin industry, as a blog post written by Jameson Lopp of Casa detailed a strange and dangerous attempt to steal a man’s bitcoin.

The post shared the circumstances of the incident which started with a man simply trying to find a date via the mobile app, initiating a conversation with a woman who claimed to be a cryptocurrency trader.

After exchanging some pleasantries through online messaging, the two decided to meet up in person and eventually they did, on a date that appeared to be straightforward.

Things started to go bad

The date eventually took an ugly turn when the duo decided to go back to the man’s apartment.

“While he was there we suspect the woman laced our client’s drink with scopolamine, also known as “Devil’s Breath,” or a benzodiazepine. These drugs are known to cause loss of inhibition and memory loss,” Lopp said in his blog.

Aside from being illegal in every state, the act committed by the woman can already be considered as an invasion of their health, privacy and personal decision making.

After this, the woman’s next move was to take her date’s phone and attempt to gain access to it.

Just a small amount

The woman, according to the post, picked the man’s phone and asked him to show her how to unlock it.

The following day, the man woke up and realized his phone was missing, although his wallet, cash, debit cards and ID were still there.

The man did lose a small amount of bitcoin, although it was a relatively small percentage of his total holdings.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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