Man releases 500 hilarious advertising taglines to rebrand Bitcoin

An American copywriter has dreamed up 500 funny and inspirational advertising taglines about Bitcoin – and they’re free for everyone to use.

No.1 is ‘Money Without Masters’. (Scroll down for more highlights)

Ziegler is the Copy Director for Cash App and over the course of his career, he’s worked for Square Crypto, Apple, and Squarespace, among others.

So he knows his way around a good ad tagline.

Even so, it’s no mean feat to knock out 500 ad taglines and release them as a public service, free for all to use, on the internet.

Ziegler says you can use them without permission for website copy, outdoor ads, tweets, stickers, t-shirts or anything else you can think of.

Bitcoin headlines: ‘Inspired by toothpaste’

The mammoth copywriting effort is a crypto take on a 2013 project he created where he wrote 500 Headlines About Toothpaste.

In that instance, it was simply a creative exercise where he picked a random product (Crest 3D Vivid White toothpaste) and a random number and then wrote up 500 mock headlines.

“Bitcoin has a branding problem,” he writes on 500 Headlines About Bitcoin.

“It’s known as a wildly unstable financial asset, doomed fad, brogrammer fantasy, and blah blah blah. So I subjected it to a favorite branding exercise.

“In the old days, copywriters wrote 100 good headlines to get one great headline. For bitcoin, I wrote 500.”

Releasing the results of his work on Twitter yesterday he said: “If you can open-source code and design you can open source copywriting.”

“No one speaks for Bitcoin so think of this as a BIP (Bitcoin improvement proposal).”

His number one tagline, that he thinks appeals to both insiders and outsiders is ‘Money without masters’

Twitter users pick their favourites

Twitter users loved it, with @geckozoo calling it “Both awesome and brilliant.” @gmekhail said it was “incredible work” and @magabtc1m said “Crazy love this. Bookmarked!”

They starting highlighting their favourites including:

  • The bitcoin network is the world’s most powerful lie detector. No wonder banks hate it.
  • The beginning of the end of money.
  • Financial freedom is measured in 1’s and 0’s. Bitcoin.
  • No centralization without representation!
  • If your money can be frozen, it isn’t your money.
  • Finance without fine print.
  • If governments aren’t doing anything wrong, they have nothing to worry about.
  • Make democracy distributed again!

Micky’s highlights from the 500 Bitcoin headlines

  • It’s not too late to be early.
  • Money wouldn’t be the first thing to go digital and not look back.
  • There’s no such thing as too much freedom.
  • It’s called cold hard cash because bitcoin put it in the ground.
  • Not going anywhere, but capable of going everywhere.
  • Powered by people. Not politicians.
  • The rich got bailouts. The people got bitcoin.
  • Magna Carta. Declaration of Independence. Satoshi’s White Paper.
  • Better money. Better world.
  • Better late than nocoiner.

Check out the whole list at 500 Headlines About Bitcoin.

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