‘Man With a Plan’ revival: Will Netflix save Matt LeBlanc’s CBS sitcom?

Man With a Plan Matt LeBlanc

CBS axed Matt LeBlanc’s Man With a Plan from its slate of shows this year after four seasons, but fans are hoping Netflix will swoop in and save the comedy series.

Man With a Plan season 1 to 4 dropped on the streaming platform on Sept. 30, 2020, with 69 episodes. Fans of LeBlanc are hoping that his latest comedy will receive a warm reception from Friends viewer to gain a fifth season renewal.

Reports suggested that CBS decided not to renew the show for season 5 due to LeBlanc’s salary. Production problems are affecting all programs due to COVID-19 complicated the decision to renew the series.

Apparently, though the show enjoyed solid viewership, Man With a Plan was “pretty expensive” for the network to retain.

Netflix’s agreement with CBS

However, the streamer’s agreement with CBS seems limited to licensing just the four seasons of Man With a Plan, as per What’s On Netflix.

CBS has apparently not licensed out its shows since the establishment of its own streaming platform, CBS All Access. But the network and its sister company Paramount entered into a new licensing agreement with Netflix due to the pandemic.

Delayed productions as a result of the virus threat affected programming schedules on networks and steamers. Netflix apparently managed to sign up some CBS shows to fill the void in its line up as many of its shows and movies only restarted production this fall.

Apart from Man With the Plan, Netflix will also begin streaming CBS’ Evil and The Unicorn this October. A representative from ViacomCBS said that these two shows will need the boost from Netflix subscribers for their upcoming second season launch.

Man With a Plan show details, plot, and cast

Man With a Plan debuted on CBS in 2016 with LeBlanc serving as one of the executive producers. The actor stars as Adam Burns, a contractor who is raising three kids with his wife Andi, played by Liza Snyder. When Andi decides to return to work, Adam has to share in the load of taking care of the kids.

The series is about parents trying to balance their marriage and family life, their business and their careers. The characters also included extended family members.

Critics were generally not happy with the sitcom for its unimaginative writing. However, the series averaged seven million viewers every season and even increased its viewership with a Thursday schedule shift for season 4.

Man With a Plan aired its last episode on CBS on June 2020 but fans may now re-watch its four seasons on Netflix.


Image courtesy of CBS News/YouTube

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