Margot Robbie cheating on Tom Ackerley while pregnant: Rumor

Margot Robbie cheating on Tom Ackerley while pregnant: Rumor

Margot Robbie is making headlines amid claims that she’s been going on secret dates with Irish actor Paul Mescal.

According to Woman’s Day, Margot Robbie initially developed a close friendship with Mescal. But their platonic relationship has, allegedly, turned into something more romantic.

“Margot’s the type of girl who has a lot of guy friends, and I can definitely see her and Paul getting on. They’re both really nice, low-key people with an excellent sense of humor – and they both love a pint,” the source said.

Margot Robbie hanging out with Paul Mescal

Robbie, allegedly, hung out with Mescal without her husband, Tom Ackerley. And the tabloid couldn’t fathom why Ackerley would allow his wife to hang out with Mescal without him.

But a Hollywood insider denied the tabloid’s claims saying that Robbie and Mescal are both signed to the same agency. And this could be why they have become close friends.

“I’m thinking their people decided it would be a good idea for them to get together. If they’ve struck up a friendship, we could be seeing them on screens together soon. She loved Normal People. They’ve been hanging out since August or so, and I’ve no doubt she’s keen to work with Paul,” the source said.

Margot Robbie secretly dating an Irish actor 

Margot Robbie secretly dating an Irish actor

While the tabloid’s sources didn’t directly say that Margot Robbie and Mescal are secretly dating, it is their headline that could seemingly trick their readers into thinking that this is the case.

“Margot busted on a secret date!” the headline read.

This suggests that there’s something going on between Robbie and Mescal when the sources clearly said that they’re just friends.

According to Gossip Cop, Robbie and Ackerley are doing fine. The couple was recently seen walking their dog together. Mescal is, reportedly, single, but there are rumors that he could be seeing Phoebe Bridgers.

‘Birds of Prey’ star hiding her pregnancy

Woman’s Day’s sister publication, New Idea also published a dubious story about Robbie this week. The tabloid claimed that the Birds of Prey actress is pregnant with Ackerley’s baby.

In true tabloid fashion, New Idea was unable to provide concrete proof that Robbie is pregnant. But they published a photo of the actress wearing loose clothing.

“Could Margot be able to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet? The former Neighbors actress covered up in a baggy jumper while out in London last week, leaving fans convinced she was trying to hide a burgeoning baby bump,” the tabloid claimed.

However, the tabloid wasn’t even able to quote statements from fans who are, allegedly, convinced that Margot Robbie is pregnant. This proves that their claims are incorrect.

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