Margot Robbie pregnant, couldn’t wait to be a mom, tabloid claims


Margot Robbie was allegedly pregnant and couldn’t wait to be a mom, according to a tabloid.

Margot Robbie is married, and if she gets pregnant, it wouldn’t be a big surprise. However, one should take the report claiming that “she is already pregnant” with a grain of salt because there is not enough evidence to support it.

Margot Robbie pregnancy rumors

Nine months ago, NW published a report claiming that the Suicide Squad star was expecting a baby. Margot Robbie was allegedly hiding her baby bump by wearing an oversized dress.

“Margot keeps saying she’s in no rush to have kids, but the truth of the matter is, she can’t wait to be a mom. Everyone’s convinced she’s already got a bun in the oven,” the source said.

“Something is up with her. Someone mentioned kids the other day and she got coy. Not to mention she’s off the booze. Margot is never one to turn down a glass of wine – ever!”

Apparently, the report was false. Nine months later, Robbie did not welcome a baby. Also, she has been very visible in the past months because of her movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Gossip Cop also notes how tabloids insinuate that actresses are pregnant when they wear baggy clothes, which is not enough evidence for their claim.


Margot rumors

Margot Robbie is among the actresses who continuously face non-stop gossips. In fact, lately, she has been linked to other actors, including Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson.

Robbie and Pattinson were allegedly getting flirty over their roles in the Batman universe. The former Twilight actor is the new Caped Crusader. Meanwhile, Robbie starred in two movies, Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, which is within the same universe as Batman.

However, the report was false. Although their superhero roles are in the same universe, their movies are not connected.

There were also rumors that Robbie and Pitt were an item due to their movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. An unnamed source claimed that they were flirting on set.

“And while producers are keen to play up their chemistry to boost the appeal of the flick, that’s been no problem at all for Margot, who’s been batting her eyes at Brad any chance she gets,” the source claimed.

Pitt and Robbie are just friends. Also, one should note that Robbie has a husband, and she is happy with her married life. Robbie and Tom Ackerley had a secret wedding in 2016.

“Being married is actually the most fun ever, life got way more fun somehow. I have a responsibility being someone’s wife, I want to be better,” she said.


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