Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez: How the feud between them began?

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey revealed in her new memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the real cause of her misunderstanding with Jennifer Lopez.

Everything stemmed from her divorce with Tommy Mottola and departure from Sony Music. As the music executive tried to put Jennifer Lopez to stardom, he was trying to put Mariah Carey down.

Carey’s problem with Mottola

Carey alleged her ex-husband tried to derail her career by trying to give a sample of her song to “another female entertainer,” whom she “didn’t know.”

The 50-year-old star never mentioned Lopez’s name, but she was the one referring to.

At the time, Mottola was guiding J.Lo to stardom after their split.

The Songbird Supreme’s problem with the fashion designer started when she did her autobiographical movie, Glitter, which turned out to be a flop.

“Much of what went wrong with Glitter led back to Tommy,” she said, per HollywoodLife. “He was angry about the divorce and my departure from Sony, and he used all his power and connections to punish me.”

Her film’s soundtrack had an “unfortunate release date,” which fell on Sept. 11, 2001. She claimed Mottola and his so-called “cronies” had something to do with it, messing with her “promotional products.”

“Tommy was furious when I cut the strings he used to manipulate me,” Carey continued. “There was no way he would allow me to have a huge success after leaving him and Sony.”

She accused the music giant of not letting her “shine” after forbidding her to join the movie industry when they were still together. So, when she found her success without him, the singer alleged it made him feel small.

The beginning of Carey’s issues with Lopez

From here, Lopez entered the picture. The 51-year-old Latina beauty found success with the release of her debut album, On the 6, in 1999.

A new album under Sony followed it up in 2001, J.LoDaily Mail noted. Carey claimed her ex-husband tried to sabotage the Glitter soundtrack when she chose to use Yellow Magic Orchestra’s 1978 song “Firecracker” as an example.

When Mottola and his people learned of her plan, the song sample then appeared on Lopez’s new song, “I’m Real.”

At the time, Carey was already working with Ja Rule to create a remix, which Mottola also found out and interfered with.

The hitmaker revealed Thalia’s husband called Ja Rule’s manager to ask him and the rapper to have a duet with Lopez. This left Carey to “scurry and remake the song” very quickly.

Later, Jennifer Lopez released a remix of “I’m Real,” featuring Ja Rule, and Mariah Carey seemed unsurprised.

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