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‘Mario 64’ PC Port gets mods amidst looming copyright strikes


Nintendo is busy sending copyright strikes for their reverse-engineered Mario 64 PC Port. Even then, the game is receiving a ton of mods from the community.

The mods for the Mario 64 PC Port vary, from texture mods to quality of life improvements, and there is an authentic audience for the game. Players overcame with curiosity or nostalgia are flocking over the superb port.

Enterprising modders are pushing the brink for the decompiled N64 game from 1996.

HD character models and environmental mods add more to Mario 64 PC

Among the best mods for Super Mario 64 PC include the HD Mario 64 by Armando Arredondo.  The mod tweaks the old Mario model using the Super Mario Galaxy model. This adjustment makes the game less blocky and sleeker.

It’s weird to see an HD game character with a low-poly 3D world. The high-res character model does not fit the 360p game environment. Even then, it still looks so good – less uncanny than having real human models like Odyssey.

To add HD textures to complement the new character models, CrashCrew and others in the Mario 64 PC Discord are building AI upscaled textures. So far, the areas in Peach’s Castle.

The HD textures in Peach’s Castle are a sight to behold, and fans will know that it’s worth the wait for more updates. There are much more improvements that the community built for everyone else.

Some mods can help apply cheats to the game through memory hacking. Some turn off the draw distance for the game, allowing a clearer surrounding with a better environment.

Among the most prominent mods for Mario 64 is texture filtering. This mod removes the distinctive linear filtering process for the Nintendo 64. Once it removes it, games have anti-aliasing similar to a Playstation One.

Decompiling of Mario 64 for PC opened gateway for mods

The Mario 64 PC Port has become controversial because of its sudden release. Some day in early May, the game popped out of nowhere. The game likely derived from the decompiled version of Mario 64.

With the decompiling finished, expert programmers can reverse engineer the game. Once reverse engineered, fans got a fully working game on the PC. The PC port is not a mess too but instead plays like a full port.

Super Mario 64 PC’s performance is one-to-one. Unlike emulation, players don’t experience slowdowns due to the native processing of the game.

So far, a Youtuber named UnrealYoutube is posting different Youtube videos for Mario 64 PC Port. The channel is not an official Unreal Engine channel.

Featured image courtesy of UnrealYoutube/Youtube Screenshots

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