‘Mario Kart Live’ announced at recent Nintendo Direct

Nintendo caught its fans off-guard with the recent Nintendo Direct for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. One of the announced titles is Mario Kart Live, which is engaging.

The recent Super Mario focused Nintendo Direct had a lot of expected and unexpected announcements. One of the biggest surprises that no one saw coming was Mario Kart Live. Once again, Nintendo is diving into the immersive toy industry with this title.

What is the game about?

It’s not the classic Mario Kart title, as it offers something more. The game is described as a mixed-reality racer simply because players will be using their Switch and an actual Mario Kart inspired race car to enjoy the game.

For now, it’s revealed that both Mario and Luigi will have karts of their own. The karts are equipped with a camera at the back of the characters. This camera will serve as a means for players to see where they are going. The camera will also create power-ups, other racers, and other virtual objects for players to see while playing the game.

Players will also have to set-up markers on their playing area. These markers will serve as goals that players will have to pass through to win. Like other Mario Karts before it, Mario Kart Live can be played by multiple players. However, players will need to have a copy of the game and a racer of their own.

What do the fans think?

Fans are impressed with the idea of mixed-reality games, but it seems like they were expecting something else. Most notably, fans prefer having a new Mario Kart instead as the last one was released several years back.

Fans are also questioning the structure of the game. Players will be forced to buy other toys if they want to play other characters. Unlike amiibos, the other figures from this game will be required to get the full experience.

Of course, the durability of the figures themselves is a concern for fans.

Mario Kart Live is a welcome surprise for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. Fans are concerned about how this game will be executed, as it’s still quite the experiment even for Nintendo. While great and promising, the company should do its best to try and ensure that the game and its figures will go off without a hitch.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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