‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’ is your pet’s next favorite toy

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is your pet's next favorite toy

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is one of the most exciting versions of the Nintendo favorite. It brings real-life obstacles into a fun racing game.

Excited Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit players may snag their copy today. Regular players should be fine, but fur parents should be aware of some consequences.

Several reports popped up on Twitter showing the felines messing with the mini race carts. Some cats are curious, but there are those who pose as a challenging obstacle for the game.

The modern-day cat and mouse game

Nintendo partnered with Velan Studios for the game’s integration. Players can control an RC car through the Nintendo Switch while following a custom-made race track.

While it does provide a great racing experience, the game has also transformed into a modern cat and mouse house play.

Users are able to capture fury house pets chasing the Super Mario RC. But, some players intentionally go past the race tracks to scare their pets.

Unranked Podcast posted a full two-minute video of him trying to scare his fluffy pet. Luckily, his cat is on the friendly side.

What’s exciting and cute is the clip posted by Daniel Vuckovic on Twitter. His clips show a montage of his cat hitting Luigi whenever it has the chance.

Nintendo finds success with “Mario Kart Live”

The Nintendo Switch finds another significant hit with this game. It successfully reinvents the Nintendo classic while providing an avenue to be creative.

Considering the tech used, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit does a great job of using augmented reality. The boost to the pet-owner relationship is just an added bonus.

Images used courtesy of Nintendo

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