Mario Kart Tour guide: 7 tips to win season races

Mario Kart Tour guide: 7 tips to win season races

Mario Kart Tour continues to be one of the best mobile games available. It came out in 2019 yet the charm is still there.

This game is the mobile version of Nintendo’s top racing game. Mario Kart Tour maintained the core gameplay of the game. Race against AI or other players and use items to slow down opponents.

However, Mario Kart Tour revolves around the race seasons mode. This game mode provides different rewards each season. It is one of the reasons why players keep on coming back to race each day.

But, there is a downside to the race seasons mode. Despite requiring online connectivity, this game mode is played against AI.

First time season racers might have a hard time winning. Luckily, here are some steps on how to get a podium finish.

Mario Kart Tour is available on Android and IOS

1. Master the art of drifting

The gameplay is pretty straightforward—do not fall behind. But, it is not as easy as it sounds.

To win races, one must master drifting. Like other racing games such as the Asphalt series, drifting brings a significant advantage to a player.

Drifting lets the user pass through turns quicker. There is also an added boost for every drift completed. This skill also allows the user to pick up items that seem out of reach during regular turns.

2. Keep an eye out for the tires

This tip is in relation to drifting. Whenever a player drifts, the car tire glows with a little blue flame. Once the flame appears, let go of the drifting key and the cart will have a quick boost.

Drifting longer also unlocks two more colors—purple and gold. The mechanics are the same as the blue flame. However, these colors provide a longer speed boost.

Mario Kart Tour secret to winning

3. Drift whenever you can

The race tracks may seem to have open corners wherein the player falls. But that is not the case.

Mario Kart Tour tracks are closed and players should not worry about falling down.

As mentioned earlier, drifting has a lot of advantages. So drift as much as possible on every corner available. Aggressive drifting has high risks, yet yields high rewards as well.

4. Quick boost upon the start of the race

There is a neat trick whenever a race starts that gives a short burst of speed. It is done by holding the screen during the 2-second mark of the countdown.

Doing this gives the needed headstart over opponents. In racing games, time is the enemy. A one-second burst may make or break the race.

This feature is not new to old Mario Kart fans though. Other racing games such as the Asphalt series also have the same mechanic.

5. Study the map

Speed boosts appear on the map. Once driven into, the kart will quickly move forward. These powerups appear on certain parts of the map.

Study the location of these powerups in order to get a better position. Some powerups appear after a corner. This means that the player must anticipate where to stay and when to drift in order to land on the powerup perfectly.

Mario Kart Tour has baby Luigi and other characters

6. Not all shortcuts help

This is related to the tip above. Racing games frequently have race ramps on the side that some consider a “shortcut.”

However, Mario Kart Tour is quite tricky. Some of these shortcuts are sometimes longer than the usual route. Taking these shortcuts might cost some of the precious time.

Some shortcuts also have some kind of a handicap to be able to go through. Paths may have some grease to slow down the kart. Be prepared to have a boost powerup whenever aiming to take shortcuts.

There are also shortcuts that have very minimal powerups included. Choose the path wisely.

7. Enjoy the game

There is no point in winning if a player is not having fun.

Mario Kart Tour is a game and should be treated as is. There is fun in winning and there are great rewards as well. But, in the end, having fun is all that matters.

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