‘Mario Kart Tour’ pays tribute to ‘Donkey Kong’ with Jungle Tour

Mario Kart Tour’s latest tour, Jungle Tour, brings to the mobile game a handful of Donkey Kong-themed contents, including Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, and the Rambi Rider kart.

Undoubtedly one of Nintendo’s most iconic IPs, the Donkey Kong franchise is never complete without its supporting cast. Dixie Kong, Diddy’s girlfriend, and Funky Kong, a recurring and an ever-reliable aid, being two of them.

Extended Kong Family

Dixie Kong is more than just a significant character in the franchise due to her affiliation with Diddy Kong. Those who had played the second installment in the series would recall playing as Dixie Kong. Making her the first female playable Kong ever in the series.

As a fun trivia, despite the ‘Donkey Kong’ label, Donkey was only ever playable three times in the series so far. Whereas Diddy Kong becomes playable about four times.

It does not really say much aside from the fact that avid fans had played with Diddy Kong more than Donkey Kong. However, the idea is still well worth knowing regardless.

Funky Kong, while not playable in any of the games he’s featured in, is also another special character to draw from the series. Being a staple figure to the series, players never play a Donkey Kong game without not seeing him in it.

The idea, perhaps, is fairly obvious. Funky Kong, to the unaware, basically plays as a role model to Donkey Kong. But this is hardly ever ironic considering that not all who play the protagonist is often the best in the universe they’re in.

More Crossover Appearance, Please?

The popularity of Funky Kong is such, he didn’t only appear in all Donkey Kong titles, but also in Mario spin-offs as well. Not to compare with Donkey Kong this time, but this, too, implies something about Funky that’s also worth reckoning.

If popularity is indeed the factor that brought these two iconic figures into Mario Kart Tour, the idea is unsurprising. But does this step say more than just a random showcase?

There is no telling. But there are definitely fans who would be ecstatic seeing the two appear in other Nintendo IPs as well. The Super Smash Bros. is a likely candidate for them.

Not to say that Donkey Kong is the greatest smash character there is. But it would be great to see another Kong to rival or better Donkey Kong’s fighting skills in the game.

Image used courtesy of Lukmanazis/Shutterstock

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