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Mario Lopez replaces Ellen DeGeneres on talk show amid criticisms: rumor


Mario Lopez will, allegedly, replace Ellen DeGeneres as a host on The Ellen Show.

According to Radar Online, the producers of the talk show were impressed with Mario Lopez when he filled in for DeGeneres two years ago. Following the two-week stint, Lopez is, allegedly, gunning for DeGeneres’ position.

“He was allowed to sit in the hot seat and it went very well. Now Mario’s focused on impressing everyone at the show. He’s not an obvious choice to take over from Ellen, but Mario has more than enough experience, and he’s desperate to move on to something bigger than Extra,” the unnamed source said, as per Radar Online.

Ellen DeGeneres allegedly replaced by Mario Lopez

A second source said that DeGeneres doesn’t have any plans to retire. However, the comedian made the conscious effort to spend more time with her wife, Portia de Rossi.

And before DeGeneres retires, she, allegedly, wants to make sure that The Ellen Show won’t suffer. Additionally, the funny woman, allegedly, hopes that the program will find a host that she will approve of.

Ellen DeGeneres replacement rumors

Rumors about DeGeneres finding a replacement on the Ellen Show have been rife for

DeGeneres is still the host of Ellen Show today. And she isn’t looking for someone to take over her role in the daytime program.

However, rumors claiming that Ellen DeGeneres is being replaced as a host on The Ellen Show have been rife for months.

There were claims that Kristen Bell could be taking her place. According to OK! magazine, DeGeneres adores Bell so much that she’s been grooming her as her replacement.

“Everybody knows that Ellen doesn’t want to do this forever… The thinking is that she’s going to renew for two or three more years. And in the meantime, Kristen will be groomed for a big takeover. Ellen thinks she’s adorable and would not only make a great interviewer but also connect with her demographic. She’s convinced that Kristen is the perfect person to take her place,” the source said.

Mario Lopez, Kristen Bell won’t replace Ellen DeGeneres

Another source told Us Weekly that Warner Bros. execs were already grooming Bell even before a slew of people criticized DeGeneres.

But following the comedian’s PR disaster, Bell’s name kept coming up more frequently among the producers of The Ellen Show.

“She’s quietly been honing her hosting chops. Everyone in town loves her,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made on the tabloid with a grain of salt. Mario Lopez, Bell, or any celebrity won’t be replacing DeGeneres because she’s still the host of Ellen Show.

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