Mark Cuban’s ‘Alethea AI’ raises $16 million 

Billionaire and crypto advocate Marc Cuban recently announced his Alethea AI startup has raised $16 million from private venture capitalists. This startup uses artificial intelligence technology in creating NFTs. 

Dapper Labs, Multicoin Capital, CryptoKitties, and Alameda are some of the biggest investors that the Alethea AI project has attracted. 

“Creators and communities will soon demand to do more with their NFTs creating meaningfully rich, free-flowing, and interactive consumer experiences built on a crypto-native stack, and we’ll be making that possible through the Alethea AI protocol,” Alethea Chief Executive Officer Arif Khan said. 


NFTs are still a new concept for most people, but as early as now, this digital asset is seen to advance even further with the integration of artificial intelligence. 

Through Alethea’s technology, creators can tap its artificial intelligence features to help them form personality traits for their NFTs. It is such an advanced tool for NFT creations that the company said that if Alethea can be used in CryptoPunks, the pixelated avatars would be able to launch a rap battle against each other. 

Alethea’s AI does not only provide additional beauty to NFTs but also life and intelligence, which would surely be a game-changer in the fast-rising NFT industry. 

You have never seen this before

In an amazing video posted on Twitter, it shows Jimmy McNelis, NFT42 founder, having a  conversation with an NFT called Pandora. McNelis said that he is so amazed by Pandora’s capabilities to engage in a real conversation. He even said that he felt like he was talking to a real person. 

Alethea has successfully sold its first NFT, called “iNFT” for $478,000. It has also created advanced games like TCG and Splinterlands and has launched various NFT initiatives that are all expected to create a big impact on the NFT market. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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