Mark Harmon Hollywood’s biggest ‘cheapskate’, doesn’t want to spend: rumor

Mark Harmon Hollywood's biggest 'cheapskate', doesn't want to spend: rumor

Mark Harmon allegedly had a reputation of being the worst cheapskate in Hollywood, according to a report.

Mark Harmon is one of the most popular actors and has starred in several hit movies and TV shows. However, he wanted to live cheap despite his wealth, a report says.

Mark Harmon is allegedly the “worst cheapskates” 

Mark Harmon has amassed millions after starring in countless movies and TV shows. He is only one of the highest-paid actors today. However, he wanted to live cheap, Star reported.

The NCIS star is worth $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, he still wants to cut corners and keep his expenses low. 

“He’s got a reputation as one of the worst cheapskates in the business,” an unnamed source told the outlet.

The insider claimed that Harmon fixes his own card, cooks his food instead of eating out and goes light on deodorant to save. The unnamed tipster added that he would rather save or invest his money than spend it.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report and debunked it. The rumor-debunking site called the report “totally ludicrous.”

Based on the tabloid’s logic, Mark Harmon was able to save millions by not spending money on take-out and skimping on deodorant. However, the latter is unlikely because it would only lead to a bad odor than any kind of major revenue. The outlet also noted that spending on the alleged habits won’t make a dent in his net worth.

Also, the outlet failed to mention that he makes $525,000 per episode of NCIS. Although there is no evidence that Harmon lives an extravagant life, he owns a $ 9 million, 19-acre Malibu estate.

Mark of the highest-paid actors

Mark Harmon was listed as the fifth highest-paid actor by Forbes in 2018. He made $19 million a year for his work on the hit CBS show.

The outlet noted that he makes a huge salary from the show because he negotiated a cut from the show’s profits. Also, Harmon is executive producer of NCIS, which also boosts his earnings.

Why NCIS is a hit

NCIS is one of the best shows on TV. When asked what makes the show a big hit, Mark Harmon gave a surprising answer — according to him, it’s the “humor” on the show, Showbiz CheatSheet.

He noted that there is a case and they don’t always solve it. However, it was always “character strong” and with “humor.” He proudly shared that they have it from the start and have maintained it. He also believed that it is what makes a difference.

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