Mark Harmon, Tom Selleck clashing over supremacy on CBS: rumor

Mark Harmon and Tom Selleck are said to be involved in a long-running rift. The alleged root of their feud is their desire to be their home network CBS’ top artist.

The TV network has a lot to thank for their growth, and both Mark Harmon and Tom Selleck deserve a big “thank you” from them.

This is because the actors’ shows – the NCIS and Blue Bloods – are both top-raters. The viewership ratings of these crime procedural dramas have been consistently high despite being on air for more than a decade already.

Mark Harmon’s NCIS is now in its 18th season, while Blue Bloods was recently renewed for its 11th season.

Mark Harmon and Tom Selleck’s alleged feud

The rumor about Harmon and Selleck’s “rift” started when The National Enquirer published a story about them.

The outlet claimed that the former has grown accustomed to being CBS station’s “top dog,” and he is obsessed with this title. It was said that this is one reason why Mark Harmon will not retire until Tom Selleck does.

The suggestion is that once he leaves, then Selleck will become the network’s best, and he doesn’t like that idea.

Mark Harmon wants to maintain the title, so he will wait for his rival to retire first, and in this way, he could say that he won.

The National Enquirer added that the actors’ rivalry began when they starred together in a film made for TV called Crossfire Trail.

“Tom talked Mark into doing the movie and it was a flop and he still resents him for nearly derailing his career,” a so-called source told the tabloid.

Debunking the unconfirmed story

The movie was the most-watched in cable, and it was the best for years until High School Musical 2 premiered. This means that the project was not a flop, so the alleged rift between Mark Harmon and Tom Selleck has no basis.

Gossip Cop directly calls this narrative false because it does not make sense. Plus, the publication reached out to Selleck’s representative, and they were told that indeed, there is no truth in the story.

There is simply no concrete evidence to prove that Mark Harmon and Tom Selleck are involved in a conflict.

Finally, Gossip Cop stated that The National Enquirer is just pitting the two veteran actors against each other and then inventing an imaginary reason.

The truth is they have no rivalry, and both are doing their best for their shows to continue doing well under CBS.

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