Mark Zuckerberg, not a fan of VR and AR development in Apple

Mark Zuckerberg, not a fan of VR and AR development in Apple

Mark Zuckerberg does not seem to like what Apple will do with the VR and AR industry amid rumors of its own developments.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were wars waging through in the tech industry. Behemoths like Apple, Google, and Facebook were put under the microscope through Congressional hearings.

The turnout was less than ideal. Apple continues to push for the data security of its users. On the other hand, Facebook wants to maintain its model of feeding off from user’s data. As such, the two companies have been going at each other indirectly in interviews since 2020.

Unfortunately, there just seems to be no end sight. Zuckerberg, for his part, has even added fuel to the fire in a recent podcast interview.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like the AR and VR development in Apple

Zuckerberg was invited to join The Information 411 podcast last week. The main topic was Facebook’s skin in the game of AR and VR headsets through Oculus.

The questions during the interview were loaded with hints that wanted to pull scathing statements from Mark. However, Zuckerberg, being the trained CEO that he is, managed to pull through without mentioning the names of other companies other than his. Nonetheless, it was obvious that he was referring to Apple and Google in his statements.

Mark was asked about his opinion regarding the pricing and technology that Apple will use for its future AR and VR headsets.

It was pretty obvious that Mark isn’t pleased. Firstly, Zuckerberg believes that the pricing model of Apple is misplaced. He said,

“Unlike some of the other companies in the space that basically charge premium prices as their business model, one of our core principles is we want to serve everyone.”

As for the technology that Apple may use, which is pass-through, Zuckerberg said,

“You’re probably not going to want to live in a world of pass-through VR anytime soon because you’re not gonna want to give up the vividness of what your eyes can really see in terms of the contrast and brightness of the colors if everything is just slightly duller in VR.”

Facebook’s reliance on other hardware not sustainable

Zuckerberg was also asked about the status of his company, not relying on other companies for the development of hardware. Mark believed that Facebook’s reliance on the hardware of other companies restrained the experience his company wants to deliver. As such, Facebook is forced to develop its own products from the ground up.

Mark doesn’t have an issue with desktop platforms. After all, he can do whatever he wants there with minimal control from the original developers. However, mobile is a completely different ball game. He said,

“You have these app stores that are pretty rigid in their rules. Certainly, there are things that I think would create better social experiences that we’re just simply not allowed to build.”


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