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Marvel: Character Franklin Richards was never a mutant!


A big revelation has sparked controversy among Marvel comic book readers. Fantastic Four character Franklin Richards isn’t a mutant!

According to IGN, the big shock came out recently to all Marvel readers and Fantastic Four fans. They can’t believe that Franklin Richards, the immensely powerful mutant character, is, in fact, not a Mutant at all! And he never belonged to this status since his existence came into being in the comics.

Fantastic Four issue number 26 just dropped this big bomb. Richards, regarded as an omega-level mutant, is not the one after all. He has been a character who’s got the power to conjure entire realities out of nothing.

Franklin Richards was in the illusion of being a mutant!

So what did exactly happen in the recent Fantastic Four comic book issue that caused this unexpected havoc?

In the new story, Franklin Richards uses the Krakoa Gate to go to his second home. But to his surprise, it no longer recognizes him as a mutant. Then Professor X, in telepathic form, appears to explain that his mutant status was “only ever an illusion.”

It means that as a little boy, he dreamed of being special. And subconsciously, he changed the reality to make himself look like a mutant. Moreover, he also recently exhausted his powers in a battle against The Cormorant. And this eventually unveiled the stark and bitter truth for him.

No matter what, but this is quite unforeseen development in a Marvel character’s long history in the comic books. Because the mutant status, now terminated, gained Franklin Richards the top spots in superhero comparisons for many years.

But again, it’s not the first time that a Marvel super being has lost his/her very identity.

Five years ago, Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch, aka Wanda, became infamous examples of such changes. Uncanny Avengers Vol. 2, in 2015, revealed that they aren’t the children of Magneto. It meant removal from the mutant group. However, that move was related to Marvel Studio‘s efforts to link them to the MCU, which also happened in the Age of Ultron.

Marvel’s new reveal irks die-hard fans and readers

Meanwhile, the fans of X-Men and Fantastic Four storylines are not happy with this new twist from the comic book creators.

One of the readers on Twitter expressed his angst like this:

“Marvel Comics is serialized storytelling. Every issue is a chapter in an ongoing tale. The story is always evolving and building. If characters keep standing on the solid ground, things get predictable. ‘What just happened?!’ is what gets readers to ‘What’s going to happen NEXT?!'”

All said and done, it’s the new factual thing that Franklin Richards isn’t a mutant, and everyone has to accept it.

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