Marvel: MCU movie slate updated for 2021 and ahead

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Disney has officially updated its schedule, once again, for the Marvel movies in the MCU. The new release slate is set for 2021 and ahead.

According to Comicbook, Disney has revised the release dates for all its films. And the list also shows Phase four line-up in the MCU.

A newly updated list of The Walt Disney Company gives an apparent picture of the pandemic’s impact. Many anticipated titles will be delayed extra, as expected.

New dates for MCU Phase four announced

Fans are waiting impatiently for the next phase of the MCU universe. But COVID-19 forced everything to shut down this year. And now all the big production companies are trying to manage their schedules. Marvel Studios is no exception to this.

And Disney has now revised the list for its future Marvel line-up. All the movies will now arrive on new dates. It implies a big delay, of course, due to the pandemic.

Here’s the official list of all the MCU movies coming between 2021 and 2023:

2021 MCU List

2022 MCU List

2023 MCU List

  • 2/17/23 Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 5/5/23 Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 7/28/23 Untitled Marvel (Disney)
  • 11/3/23 Untitled Marvel (Disney)

The release schedule doesn’t include Spider-Man films because Sony owns the rights for that character.

Disney officially updates the entire schedule

Apart from the MCU films, Disney has also updated its slate for all the other titles. Free Guy and Death on the Nile will now arrive late than expected. Previously they were to come in this year’s end.

Nomadland, from Searchlight, will come next month, on Dec. 4.

Here’s the schedule of all the Disney movies coming in 2021 and beyond:

2021 List

  • 2/12/21 The King’s Man 20th Century
  • 2/19/21 Antlers (Searchlight)
  • 2/26/21 Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 20th Century
  • 3/12/21 Raya and The Last Dragon (Disney)
  • 4/9/21 Bob’s Burgers 20th Century
  • 4/23/21 Ron’s Gone Wrong 20th Century
  • 5/28/21 Cruella (Disney)
  • 6/18/21 Luca (Disney)
  • 7/30/21 Jungle Cruise (Disney)
  • 8/13/21 Deep Water 20th Century
  • 8/27/21 The Beatles: Get Back (Disney)
  • 9/10/21 Untitled 20th Century
  • 10/15/21 The Last Duel 20th Century
  • 11/24/21 Untitled Disney Animation
  • 12/3/21 Untitled 20th Century
  • 12/10/21 West Side Story 20th Century
  • 12/17/21 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)

2022 List

  • 1/7/22 Untitled 20th Century
  • 1/14/22 Nimona 20th Century
  • 3/11/22 Untitled Pixar Animation (Disney)
  • 4/8/22 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 5/27/22 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 6/10/22 Untitled 20th Century
  • 6/17/22 Untitled Pixar Animation (Disney)
  • 7/29/22 Untitled Indiana Jones (Disney)
  • 8/12/22 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 9/16/22 Untitled 20th Century
  • 10/21/22 Untitled 20th Century
  • 11/4/22 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 11/11/22 Untitled 20th Century
  • 11/23/22 Untitled Disney Animation (Disney)
  • 12/16/22 Avatar 2 20th Century
  • 12/23/22 Untitled 20th Century

2023 List

  • 1/13/23 Untitled 20th Century
  • 3/10/23 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 3/24/23 Untitled 20th Century
  • 5/26/23 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)6/9/23 Untitled 20th Century
  • 6/16/23 Untitled Pixar Animation (Disney)
  • 7/14/23 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 8/11/23 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 9/15/23 Untitled 20th Century
  • 10/6/23 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 10/20/23 Untitled 20th Century
  • 11/10/23 Untitled 20th Century
  • 11/22/23 Untitled Disney Animation (Disney)
  • 12/15/23 Untitled Disney Live Action (Disney)
  • 12/22/23 Untitled Star Wars (Disney)

The rest of the movies include the third, fourth, and fifth installments of Avatar. They will release on Dec. 20, Dec. 18, and Dec. 22 of 2024, 2026, and 2028.

And lastly, two films in the Star Wars franchise will arrive on Dec.19 and Dec. 17 of 2025 and 2027.

It will be intriguing to see what more can change to this updated release schedule in the future. Especially in the MCU, fans are yet to witness any fresh content. So they will have to wait a bit more.

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