Marvel pens in June 24 for ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ War Table stream

Marvel pens in June 24 for 'Marvel's Avengers' War Table stream

The developers behind the making of Marvel’s Avengers will dive into the development of the upcoming game via live stream on June 24.

The official Marvel’s Avengers YouTube channel has uploaded a video teaser announcing War Table Stream next month. Marvel Entertainment also took it to Twitter to announce the behind the scene digital event, saying, “We’ve reassembled at home and are working to finish our mission.”

The video snippet was only a minute and five seconds long, but it was both cinematic and emotional, in a sense that it let its viewers feel the hardship that the Crystal Dynamics developers are going through as they rally to finish the game despite the ongoing pandemic.

What the War Table live stream entails

The War Table live stream is basically an E3 2020 replacement event. Due to the inability to organize a physical event these days, its devs are going to give its waiting fans a sneak peek of what the game already looks like.

It will also showcase the game’s official trailer, a behind-the-curtain reveal, and gameplay demos of the Marvel’s Avenger story missions and co-op mode.

On the War Table’s official announcement, Marvel Games’ VP & Creative Director Bill Rosemann shared:

“Why Super Heroes? Because they inspire us to be our best through dark times. Why video games? Because they allow us to connect both to our inner selves and to each other in bold new ways. Why Marvel’s Avengers? Because everyone at Crystal Dynamics knows the world wants to assemble and that together, we are stronger.”

Marvel’s Avengers game details

Meanwhile, it looks like the game is not going to be delayed any further as a specific release date has been revealed, which is on September 4. It will then be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC.

On its official website, Marvel Entertainment announces that those that have pre-ordered any version of the game—Marvel’s Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Standard Edition—will have “guaranteed access” to its respective beta, along with a Marvel Legacy Outfit pack, and an exclusive nameplate.

Meanwhile, those that have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition will have 72-hour early access along with an exclusive Obsidian Outfit pack, and six Obsidian nameplates.

For its storyline, the game will take its players five years after our heroes, the Avengers, gets blamed for the San Francisco Bay area tragedy and after Captain America’s death. There’s also the addition of Miss Marvel to the team.


Featured image courtesy of Marvel’s Avengers/Twitter Screenshot

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