Marvel will finally turn its superheroes into NFTs! 

This one is truly inevitable. Marvel Entertainment has announced that it has signed a deal with Orbis Blockchain Technologies to develop NFT assets based on Marvel’s world-famous superheroes. 

These digital assets would be in the form of collectibles and comic books and will be available at the VeVe marketplace later this year. Fans can either trade or display their NFT Marvel heroes in virtual showrooms. 

Marvel said that with its venture into the world of NFTs, it hopes that the company can create a whole new experience for its loyal fans by bringing its long line of heroes into mesmerizing digital forms. 

VeVe platform

All minted Marvel NFTs will be available on VeVe’s secondary marketplace in which the in-app token Gems (GEM) will also be available. Credit card payments are also included as a payment option for the tokens. 

While waiting for the arrival of Marvel NFTs, fans may also purchase VeVe’s wide range of NFT products which includes Star Trek, DC Comics, and digital assets from other highly popular franchises. 

Marvel also allows artists to offer their NFT works based on the company’s world-renowned heroes. Just this February, an artist named Adam Kubert has successfully sold a Spiderman drawing for $25,000 through, a platform for creating and auctioning art. 

NFTs unstoppable rise

In a recent report released by Veve, the NFT marketplace has said that it has sold more than 580,000 NFTs since December last year, which shows the rapidly growing demand for this new type of assets. 

In fact, the NFT space is growing so fast that its current market cap has already reached $470 million and is expected to grow even further. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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