‘Marvel’s Avengers’ beta garnered 5 million players, first impressions revealed

Marvel’s Avengers recently concluded its beta weekends, garnering five million players. Moreover, fans and critics alike have shared their first impressions about the game.

Slated to launch in a couple of weeks, Square Enix has been generous enough to initiate the beta weekends. This allows players to have a good look at the gameplay and experience the game’s content. Furthermore, players have the chance to try a good chunk of Marvel’s Avengers’ side missions and campaigns.

Marvel’s Avengers recorded five million players

Throughout three weekends, Marvel’s Avengers recorded up to five million players who enthusiastically played the game. The stats were released by Square Enix and, reportedly, accumulated 28.5 million hours of playtime.

Square Enix made the game accessible to four groups of players. The first beta was exclusively accessible to those who pre-ordered the game for PS4. Besides, the second beta was composed of PS4 players and those who pre-ordered the game for PC and Xbox One. Finally, the last beta was open to everyone.

To top it off, the players were able to choose their favorite characters including Iron Man, Hulk, and Black Widow. Unfortunately, Captain America and Thor were only playable for a short time.

The beta received mixed reactions from fans and critics

The beta allows fans and critics to experience the game firsthand. Although there are positive reviews, there are also a handful of negative reactions coming from fans and critics. The journalists applauded the characters’ differing fighting skills. Playing Hulk is very different from playing Iron Man.

Likewise, playing Iron Man is different from playing Black Widow. Thus, each player has his or her set of abilities. Meanwhile, journalists appreciated Kamala Khan’s shapeshifting ability.

Although there are players who expressed their satisfaction, there are also those who voiced out their complaints. Players immediately noticed that the enemy encounter felt the same. Moreover, the combat did not pose any challenges.

Despite the mixed reactions from the players and critics, Marvel’s Avengers has the potential to win over critics. The game’s stats are proof enough that people are interested in the game. Thus, with the conclusion of the beta, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will certainly fix the issues.

Square Enix will air its final War Table

Before the game hits the shelves, Square Enix will hold its final War Table stream on September 1st. Marvel’s Avengers will launch on September 4 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

Image Courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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