‘Marvel’s Avengers’ beta: Mission types, characters, what you need to know

Marvel's Avengers beta: Mission types, characters, what you need to know

The second Marvel’s Avengers War Table gave its viewers quite the juicy preview of the game and its upcoming beta.

Compared to the first one, the July War Table was more on a serious note, wherein viewers would need to take notes to fully equipped themselves for the upcoming Marvel’s Avenger beta.

As Micky News previously reported, this second event was to prep lucky beta players. The beta will start on August 7 and will subsequently be made available—for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC—all through the month until the 23rd.

Marvel’s Avengers beta walkthrough

Players of the beta testing will start in the middle of the event that led to the A-day fiasco. Based on the walkthrough, the Marvel’s Avengers beta will generously give players 25 minutes of prologue gameplay starting from the Golden Gate Bridge battle.

During this first 25 minutes, players will have a great introduction to the heroes made available to the beta. It’s like a warm-up for players to get a hold of the heroes’ play and combat style.

After accomplishing that, the War Table will become accessible, unlocking the single-player missions at first and eventually, the single-player or co-op War Zones as well.

Crystal Dynamics provided a snippet of the epic team-up gameplay of Kamala and Hulk. Their mission will lead them to the Pacific Northwest, the last known location of JARVIS, as they trail the Olympia Archive.

Further into the beta gameplay, players will find themselves flying the Quinjet to a place in Russia called “Missing Links” to complete the mission of uncovering “SHIELD secrets hidden deep underground.”

This mission will include a boss fight with a known Marvel supervillain, Abomination. One of Hulk’s enemies in the legendary comics.

Heroes made available

For the Marvel’s Avengers beta, four heroes will be playable, and they are:

Based on the War Table walkthrough, players won’t need to choose only one, as all four will accessible per player. Although IGN notes that Thor and Captain America will be playable during the Golden Gate Bridge prologue mission.

War Table missions

Players will also be able to play four-player co-ops, as they progress through Beta. There are three missions that are going to be accessible, and these are:

  • HARM rooms – or Holographic Augmented Reality Machine rooms. These are virtual training simulators that players can play in solo, teamed with AIs, or with other live teammates—in teams of four. This is where players can master and discover the heroes’ skills until they can officially control them. There will be three challenges to complete in this mission type.
  • War Zones – War Zones were fully discussed last WAR Table. For Beta, there are five war zone playable.
  • Drop Zones – Drop Zones are smaller mission types compared to War Zones. It is more focused and will likely have only a single objective per battle. In the full game, this type of mission is best for earning gear and/or leveling heroes.

War Zones and Drop Zones could take between 10 minutes to two hours, depending on the difficulty of the mission.

Featured image courtesy of Marvel’s Avengers/YouTube Screenshot

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