‘Marvel’s Avengers’: Characters that could be added in the future

Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Marvel’s Avengers is one of the most anticipated titles this year, probably because of the hype behind the franchise. There are a lot of things to be excited about the game, though.

One of the best announcements for Marvel’s Avengers was that post-launch characters would be added to the game. To make the deal much sweeter, these characters will be free, so will the new regions and story elements. We’ve yet to know who the extra characters are, but we already have an idea of who we might see soon.

Hank Pym

Hank Pym is going to be a part of the game as one of the NPCs that gives the team their missions in the game. As we all know, Hank Pym is the creator of the Pym Particle and is the iconic Ant-Man. Since he’s already a part of the game, it shouldn’t be surprising that we can see him as a playable character in the future.

Having him added would be a very interesting gameplay feature. It would be exciting to see how Crystal Dynamics makes use of Pym’s size-changing ability.

Black Bolt

According to the game’s summary, the A-Day event led to the creation of Inhumans, one of which is Kamala Khan. On the topic of Inhumans, we can’t forget one of the most popular members of the faction, which is the silent Black Bolt.

Marvel’s Avengers might take out characters that get less screen and game time in previous media outings. As such, Black Bolt from the Inhumans feels like a great choice for an extra DLC character.


Hawkeye is one of the missing members of the original Avengers in the game. We’ve yet to know if he actually exists in the game’s universe, but since he plays such a pivotal role in the team, we might see him as an additional character in the future.

In terms of his playstyle, the game can use a good long-ranged character. Giving him the ability to change his bows into one that explodes or tracks enemies would be a great feature to have in the game.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on the PlayStation 4 this Sept. 4. The game will feature five playable characters at launch, and they are Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, The Hulk,  Black Widow, and Thor. Plans for future content have already been confirmed, and all we have to do is wait.


Image used courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

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