‘Marvel’s Avengers’ day one patch: Things you need to know

Marvel's Avengers day one patch announcement

With just several days before its worldwide release on multiple platforms, Crystal Dynamics has been hard at work in making Marvel’s Avengers to be as presentable as possible.

Thanks to a nearly month-long beta that engages players to check out the game, the test has gathered information to see the game’s faults and apply needed fixes. Considering the beta test’s staggering statistical data that comes in no less than hundreds of millions, the data is overwhelmingly sufficient.

Here are the things that the game’s day one patch will address at launch:

General Fixes

Like most games, one of the developer’s main consideration is to make the game as stable as possible. Crystal Dynamics is ensuring that the game is free from any game-breaking bug by addressing issues that cause it to crash and even become irresponsive.

Saving from the game should also be buttery smooth when the day one patch is applied.

Character Issues

The beta has shown that the game can prevent players from choosing their preferred hero or even change to a different one. This, too, is already fixed with the patch.

Another major problem with one of the heroes is seen with Hulk, particularly when using the Hulkbuster. In resolution to this problem, players will no longer experience getting a black screen when another employs it.

Other major problems that the update resolve include the random appearance of multiple heroes and the vanishing of certain gears. Furthermore, Abomination will no longer be de-spawning during combat.

PC-related Fixes

PC, by default, is a tricky platform to run games on due to its diversity in specifications. While high-end PC users will find no trouble running the game, lower-end users might suffer certain problems.

Part of the fix that centers around this platform is an optimization that mitigates stutters and poor performance on certain rigs. While in no way a guarantee that the game will run on just any computer, it does at least alleviate the issue to those who barely runs it.

Other areas of concern that the update rectifies are issues of crashes and the game not running at all.

Feedback Highlights

There has been the consensus from the players on certain features the game should have, based on experience during the beta. They include the following:

  • Option to adjust the camera shake setting
  • Reduction of blurring during sprint or flight
  • Enhancement to vaulting
  • Reduction in the delay over loot drops
  • Heavy targeting assistance, wide camera combat assistance, and matchmaking disabled set as a default setting.

Image used courtesy of KhrazeGaming/YouTube Screenshot

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