‘Marvel’s Avengers’ game reveals the latest details, storyline and epic villains


Marvel’s Avengers is underway. The Marvel game is building on the hype of its Cinematic Universe with unparalleled features. 

The pandemic stopped production for Marvel films, so the Avengers game is here. The Avengers game is developed under Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. Both studios are under Square Enix, who will be the publisher for the much-anticipated game. Even then, what do we know about Marvel’s Avengers?

There are tons of confirmed details and rumors about the game. It’s nothing like its MCU counterparts, but it looks like a ton of fun.

Avengers plot and gameplay explained

The Avengers game starts us off five years after the A-Day tragedy in the 2019 trailer. Blamed for the Golden Gate Bridge tragedy led by Taskmaster, superheroes are now outlaws. The entirety of modern San Francisco is under the control of A.I.M.

A teenager named Kamala Khan smells a new conspiracy brewing. It becomes up to her to reassemble Earth’s mightiest heroes.

The primary gameplay of Marvel’s Avengers revolves around single play. You can also play up to a four-player coop with your friends. Hero missions will be hero-specific, while Warzone missions let you play any Avenger you want.

Crystal Dynamics focuses on the customization aspect of the game. Players can change skills, gear, and outfits according to their choosing. For those not interested in single player campaigns, they can “fast-track” their way to multiplayer too.

Most of the improvements will be non-cosmetic, many of which go “under the suit.” According to senior brand director Rich Briggs, fast play should give 10 – 12 hours of gameplay. In-depth playthroughs can last as much as 30 hours.

Avengers heroes and villains rumors

Like any unreleased game, the rumor mill for the Avengers game is running like clockwork. The latest among them is the inclusion of a few heroes that can come to the game. Rumors of new LEGO sets for the game have unannounced characters that the game can add-in.

The Avengers game LEGO tie-in has four main characters and a couple of villains as its new LEGO characters. The heroes include Captain Marvel, War Machine, Hawkeye and Black Panther. The two potential villains include Loki and MODOK.

While LEGOs is not the representative of any realistic expectations, fans are quick to note that dioramas don’t add characters for no reason. Among the villains, fans are also happy to find MODOK, the gigantic floating psychic head.

As the primary villain for the game seems to be A.I.M., MODOK’s connection to the science organization gives credence to the rumor. Marvel’s Avengers slate for release September this year on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

Featured image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/Youtube Screenshot

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