‘Marvel’s Avengers’ gets roasted by ‘What If…?’ memes

Marvel’s Avengers fans are currently disappointed with its poor state of gameplay. And now they are expressing it on a large scale as well.

Dissatisfied players of Marvel’s Avengers are coming up with hilarious What If…? memes to show their concerns. The Disney+ TV show that arrived this year dealt with possibilities of unexpected scenarios and situations.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ roasted by ‘What If…?’ memes

What If…The Kree Were An Actual Threat? from PlayAvengers

Avengers is a popular movie franchise across the globe. And when it comes to gaming, then many players were initially excited for a huge adaptation of the iconic superheroes. After its first teaser several years ago, Marvel’s Avengers looked like a promising title.

However, when it eventually came last year, the reactions were far from positive. The majority of critics, as well as gamers themselves, didn’t like the ultimate output.

There were hopes of an improvement in the long run, but it seems like nothing is going well for this game. As a result of that, players are now frustrated and coming up with their opinions.

According to the fans, Marvel’s Avengers had a lot of potentials, but the dev team didn’t care at all. Taking inspiration from the MCU TV series What If…?, many fans have expressed their disappointment over the superhero game.

Dejected fans are asking and wondering about the alternate possibilities had this title been a lot better. As per them, it should have included tons of desired features, options, gameplay styles, and other crucial bug fixes.

On Reddit, one fan posted the question “What If…Hulk Could Jump High?”. Another one shared a meme by posting, “What if…Iron Man could fly fast?”.

Furthermore, there was another question asking, “What If…The Kree Were An Actual Threat?”. The latter highlights the issue of Marvel’s Avengers lacking strong villains and antagonists.

There was another meme with the question asking, “What If…The Champion Levels Were More Than Percent Increases?”. It’s in line with the problem of the game’s “stat boost” segment having no major, relative impact on any particular character.

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When it comes to the most awaited titles of this calendar, then there are names like Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042. The latter is going to be the newest entry in EA and DICE’s celebrated action series.

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Vanguard will heavily focus on the multiplayer modes and features, compared to its predecessors that mainly stressed single-player campaigns.

Coming back to Marvel’s Avengers, again, then it’s available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.


Image courtesy of BILBZY/YouTube

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