‘Marvel’s Avengers’ latest patch V1.3.0 fixes 1,000 issues

Marvel’s Avengers made its epic launch recently. However, the game becomes unplayable for other players. Fortunately, Square Enix has rolled out patch V1.3.0.

Just when Marvel’s Avengers has finally reached the shelves, players have noticed that the game is not as stable as it should be. Players have been waiting for the moment to play the iconic characters of the Marvel universe. On the contrary, the game has suffered heavy scrutiny from its followers.

Developer Crystal Dynamics unveiled the game’s release on May 15. However, the game developer has to delay the release to make room for improvements. Since its first unveiling, a lot of followers have been clamoring for the game’s characters and gameplay.

A few weeks ago, Square Enix released new heroes available through Battle Passes. Players will not have to use real money to acquire the heroes because they are readily available through game credits. Moreover, the upcoming six heroes will have their Hero Challenge Cards. Players will have to buy the cards for 1,000 credits.

Patch V1.3.0 fixes over 1,000 glitches

The patch has reportedly fixed over 1,000 issues, both minor and majors ones. It securely addresses issues “ranging from several progression stoppers to small graphical fixes.” True enough, the improvements can be seen in the game’s graphics, matchmaking, UI, gear, and gameplay. Thus, the update will increase the game’s stability.

Square Enix’s official site has posted the complete details of the update. The publisher also promised that the upcoming patches would integrate more “quality-of-adjustments and feedback-driven features.” The post stated:

“Hello Marvel’s Avengers community!

Patch V1.3.0 is our first major patch since launch and addresses over 1000 issues you’ve helped surface these past two weeks, ranging from several progression stoppers to small graphical fixes.”

The post concluded with:

“We can’t thank you enough for your patience and support. Please keep it coming; you are helping shape the future of Marvel’s Avengers.”

“Marvel’s Avengers” become unplayable for some players

Although there are many other issues in the game, the most notable one is that some players are unable to play the game because of the glitches. Because of this, Square Enix has focused on fixing the issues on the PC and consoles.

On a side note, Square Enix encourages players to report bugs on the Patch V1.3.0 thread on Reddit. The company also announced on its official Twitter advising player to refrain from refreshing their weekly challenges.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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