‘Marvel’s Avengers’ will feature an independent Spider-Man arc on PlayStation

Spider-Man is making an exclusive presence in Marvel's Avengers

Following the confirmation that states that Spider-Man will be seeing an exclusive appearance on the PlayStation version of Marvel’s Avengers, the developer talks briefly at how the iconic protagonist ties into the game.

In context, despite having a multi-platform release, only the PlayStation rendition of Marvel’s Avengers will see the web-slinging hero. This is also in spite of Spider-Man’s less significant presence in the Avengers universe, even in its comic source.

Speaking with the Devs

In an interview with two of the game’s developers, Wccftech talked to Shaun Escayg and Vince Napoli about the case.

One of the most interesting point of the discourse involves the discussion as to how Spider-Man fits in the game narrative-wise, if he’s exclusive to PlayStation. An idea which essentially questions whether his presence in the game has any meaningful impact to what the game will tell.

Not in a position to speak without spoiling about the story, Shaun was unsurprisingly vague in answering the question. Even going so far as beating around the bush while giving tidbits of information. However, underpinning the thought that Spider-Man’s presence in the game is substantial while not influencing the story-telling.

Vince Napoli is equally as indirect with his answers as well. But offers meaty enough details to suggest that Spider-Man’s later inclusion in the game has been a recent consideration. Also, confirming the suspicion that Sony did play a pivotal role in the process of seeing the comic hero as an embellishment to the PlayStation release. Sort of “cherry on top.”

In addition to his earlier statement, Napoli also claims that the decision to adopt Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers has been a seamless procedure. Citing going through every step without drastically everything else laid out already in the game.

A Perky PlayStation Experience

The validated notion that Spidey’s yet another exclusivity is indeed enough to make any Spider-Man fan who doesn’t own a PS4 frown. With a popularity that takes root from the days of comics to the present, this “arachnid” hero has large fans among vast demographics.

But considering Marvel’s Spider-Man’s successful exclusivity to the PlayStation, it’s not that hard to imagine what makes its binding. The idea also plays in part with the partnership struck between Sony and Marvel involving the IP.

Suffice to say, the idea of Spider-Man making an appearance in Marvel’s Avengers is one many did not see coming. Even the developers themselves probably did not even conceive of the notion until recently as a special consideration to Sony.

Image used courtesy of RandomBlackGamer/YouTube Screenshot

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