Masahiro Sakurai’s ‘Game Builder Garage’ creation is a bullet curtain shooter

Super Smash Bros. co-creator Masahiro Sakurai showcased his own version of a Game Builder Garage game.

Game Builder Garage released to the public whose main offering is to give players creativity in game-building. The game features a set of tools that players can harness, which follows a certain logic. The premise of which is basic enough that makes it both apprehensive and engaging even for the young audiences.

Sakurai Joins the Game

Not letting himself be out of the fun, game developer veteran Masahiro Sakurai demonstrated what years of experience can do. Sharing his creation in a tweet, the prominent figure demonstrates a barrage shooter involving a few but significant in-game objects.

Essentially a game of cat-and-mouse, with the enemy playing at the defensive, the player makes chase with the goal of ending the opponent. Although simple in thought and execution, the game is anything but easy. As the player progresses by taking a large chunk out of the boss’ health, the player will notice an increasing difficulty. Most notable, particularly, by the opposing object’s gradually augmenting defensive capabilities, like the constant respawns of purple objects. Assets of which aimed at foiling the player’s goal in the game.

Easy to Play, Hard to Master

Even without said enemies, the game by itself can be unwieldy given the control. More specifically, given how the game’s author made both acceleration and shooting be from a similar button input. This means that the longer the player presses and holds on said button, the faster the object goes in its acceleration. This notion is especially risky in-game as collision between objects is a cause for the game to fail. Hence, how the game is imposing a balance between aggressiveness and prudence towards the given objective.

At its very essence, the game is simply just one of those that is “easy to play, but hard to master”. The industry has already seen an abundance of such throughout its history. While some may be forgiving, which merely enforces the player’s skills, others, however, are not necessarily. Sakurai’s own creation may probably border in between those two beliefs. That is, considering how difficult the game can be while simultaneously becomes relatively easy with constant play.

The game is indeed built using the same mechanics as the retail version of Game Builder Garage. As a pro tip, however, it seems Masahiro Sakurai is encouraging the use of a USB mouse when building games in it. That is, following his own admittance about it. Particularly, for the benefit of ease in developing an otherwise effort-intensive manual endeavor on the Nintendo Switch.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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