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‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ Chapter 25: Mash against masked opponent


The upcoming Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 25 is expected to feature multiple exciting battles. With Mash and his friends separated after falling through the floor, each one will be facing a different member of the Magia Lupus as his opponent.

Lance versus Wirth Madl

The fight between Lance and Magia Lupus’ third-ranking member, Wirth Madl, will likely wrap up in Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 25. While Lance is a very strong magic user with his gravity-based attacks, it appears that he can’t restrain nor do damage to Wirth due to the latter’s ability to turn into mud.

Wirth noted that Lance is a talented magic user and offered him to join the Magia Lupus and move out of Adler dorm. However, Lance refused the offer and even called his opponent a second-rate magic-user.

Using his technique, Lance changed the flow of gravity sideways and almost pinned Wirth to the wall. However, quickly turned into mud which absorbed the force of the impact. But Lance unleashed another attack by shooting rock fragments into the semi-liquified Wirth.

It appears that Lance has finally found his opponent’s weakness. “He saw through my defense from the start?” Wirth wondered. “Mashle” Chapter 24 ended with Wirth looking worried about what Lance might do next.

But Lance won’t likely give Wirth a chance to regroup or make an escape. He will try to wrap up their fight quickly so he could join his friends. However, Wirth won’t be that easy to deal with either. Fans can expect the two fighters to give their all in one explosive finale to their battle in Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 25.

Daut and Finn against two Magia Lupus members

Another fight that will likely be featured in “Mashle” Chapter 25 is the battle between Finn and Daut against their two opponents. It would be interesting how the two will slug it out with the opponents.

Finn is a bit timid, and he was ready to give up just by seeing their two powerful foes. On the opposite side of the pole is Daut, who appears too confident and even called the Magia Lupus members as mere side characters.

Mash versus the Masked Fighter in ‘Mashle’ Chapter 25

But perhaps the most interesting fight to look forward to is the clash between Mash and the masked Magia Lupus member. What’s exciting is that the two might have something in common.

“You’re incapable of using magic,” the masked person told Mash. When the latter stuttered in trying to deny the statement, the masked man assured him that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

“I’ve made you nervous,” the mysterious guy said. “Don’t be afraid, we’re two of a kind. We’re both abhorrent to this world.”

Despite acknowledging their similarity, both also vowed to give it their all to defeat the other. Fans can expect an explosive non-magical fight in “Mashle” Chapter 25.

“Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 25 will be released on August 2, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

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