‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ Chapter 30: Nash meets Magia Lupus leader

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Fans are in for a treat in the upcoming Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 30. The fight between Barrett and Love is bound to get more intense while Nash might have to deal with the Fourth Fang’s power and finally meet Abel, the leader of the Magia Lupus.

Barrett fights Magia Lupus’ Fifth Fang

In Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 29, Dot Barrett and Finn were up against the Fifth Fang of the Land Dorm’s Magia Lupus named Love. Right at the start, Nash’s friends noticed something a bit weird with Love when she asked them if they like her and if they find her cute.

Despite her unusual behavior, however, Love proved that she deserves to be the fifth-ranked member of the Magia Lupus. Her wind-based attack was too strong for Barrett that the latter was eventually trapped within the Tornegus Cage unleashed by Love.

Fourth Fang’s fearsome power

Seeing that both of her opponents are weaker than her, Love taunted them by telling them about the danger facing Nash. The Fourth Fang has the power to turn stone, and Nash only has around 30 minutes left before he becomes a statue.

“The Fourth’s magic can turn a specified target into stone,” Love said. “If you don’t defeat me and get to the Fourth in 30 minutes, your mushroom friend (Nash) will turn into a statue.”


Barrett becomes more powerful

Confident that she successfully trapped Barrett in her Tornegus Cage, Love approached Finn to deal with him. But before she could make her move, she noticed that Barrett was able to break free from her cage.

But what’s even more startling for her was that she could sense Barrett becoming more powerful. She then remembered something about those with the warding cross on their foreheads like Barrett.

“When their emotions cross a certain threshold, their emotion is unleashed and they become battle demons,” Love said to herself.

That’s what’s happening to Barrett at the moment. With a powered up Barrett, fans can expect his fight against Love to become more exciting in the upcoming Mashle Chapter 30.

Nash meets Magia Lupus leader

In previous chapters, Nash was finally able to defeat Magia Lupus’ Second Fang. He was already on his way to meet the most powerful member of the group, Abel, which might finally happen in the upcoming Mashle Chapter 30.

However, Barrett must defeat both the Fifth Fang and the Fourth Fang within thirty minutes so Nash won’t turn into stone. Should he fail to deal with both opponents, Nash could be put in a disadvantage just as he will be facing the strongest member of the Magia Lupus.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 30 will arrive on Sept. 14. Stay tuned for updates.

Image by: Mashle: Magic and Muscles/Facebook

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