‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ Chapter 31: Mash might fight against Divine Visionary

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 31 is expected to be as action-packed as ever, as Mash and his team continue to confront members of the Magia Lupus. The upcoming manga installment might even feature a fight between Mash and a Divine Visionary due to a misunderstanding.

Barrett defeats the Fifth Fang

As previously predicted by Micky, the fight between Barrett and the Magia Lupus’ Fifth Fang continued in Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 30. Barrett, who became more powerful after his emotion reached a certain threshold, quickly overwhelmed his opponent.

However, Barrett did not harm Love. When the latter realized that Barrett made his attacks miss her on purpose, she thanked him for sparing her.

Finn’s Divine Visionary brother arrives

A shocked Finn could hardly process that his friend singlehandedly defeated the Magia Lupus member and stood there momentarily dazed. Distracted, he did not notice that someone launched a surprise attack from behind.

Fortunately, it was intercepted by Barrett. The attacker was the Fourth Fang, who came back to assist Love in dealing with Finn and Barrett.

As the Fourth Fang unleashed a more powerful move consisting of four gigantic stone arms, Barrett realized that they were too powerful to handle. Suddenly, a giant sword came seemingly out of nowhere and pulverized the attacks.

The sword-like move came from Divine Visionary Rayne Ames, who is surprisingly Finn’s brother. The Fourth Fang tried to attack with a more powerful move, but it was sliced cleanly by Rayne’s sword.

Innocent Zero’s agents

It appears that Mash’s group of freshmen students might have unknowingly stumbled upon a group of highly dangerous opponents whom they might meet in Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 31. The reason why the Divine Visionary Rayne Aymes was dispatched was to investigate the whereabouts of some criminals hiding in the academy.

“The geezer said Innocent Zero’s agents are here,” Rayne thought to himself. “No doubt they’re concealing their power to hide.” It was revealed in chapter 26 that Innocent Zero helped six of the most notorious death row inmates escaped from Hecatrice. It’s possible that Mash would meet these criminals in Mashle Chapter 31 or later chapters.

Mash fights Rayne in Mashle Chapter 31

As Rayne tried to sense the location of the criminals he came across Mash who was busy eating. But it appears that a misunderstanding might happen and a fight might ensue between the Divine Visionary and Mash.

“I’m short on time, I’ll make this investigation quick,” Rayne told the clueless Mash who was busy munching in some pastry. Based on Rayne’s stance, it appears that he is holding his wand as if getting ready to unleash his magic attack.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 31 will be released on September 18. Stay tuned for updates.

Image by: Mashle: Magic and Muscles / Facebook

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