‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter’ 32: Mash vs. Abel’s doll magic

Mashle: Magic and Muscles
Mashle: Magic and Muscles manga series

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 31 will finally feature the much-awaited fight between Mash and Abel, against the strongest member of the Magia Lupus. Meanwhile, a confrontation between the Diving Visionary Rayne and the criminals hiding inside the academy might also happen in the next manga installment.

Rayne mistakes Mash as one of the criminals

Rayne Aymes, Finn’s Divine Visionary brother, ran into Mash as the former was looking for Innocent Zero’s agents. Just as a previous “Mashle” spoilers predicted, Rayne was a bit suspicious that Mash might be one of the escaped criminals.

Rayne tried to use a spiderlike creature on Mash to detect what the latter’s magic power is. However, Mash blocked the Divine Visionary’s sword attack with just his bare hands so the creature was not able to detect any magic usage.

Rayne unleashed a stronger attack using ten percent of his power as a way to force Mash to use magic to defend himself. But just like before, the student did not use any magic to parry all of the materialized swords unleashed by Rayne.

Rayne finally realized that Mash is the student who can’t use magic that was specifically mentioned by the principal. He also remembered that Mash is the same student who saved his brother Finn from his bullies.

How Mash can become a Divine Visionary

Upon learning that Mash’s goal is also to become a Divine Visionary just like him, Rayne gave the former a surefire way of accomplishing his goal. Once Mash beats the leader of the Magia Lupus Abel, he will become the student who holds the most number of coins in the school, which will increase his chances of getting the post.

As they parted ways, Rayne concluded that it might be a bit harder for Mash to reach his goal since he doesn’t know how to use magic. “If you want to be a Divine Visionary without any magic, you need to prove that you’re greater than any magic user,” Rayne analyzed the situation.

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Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 32 spoilers

After his encounter with Rayne, Mash went on his way to seek out Abel, the leader of the Magia Lupus. He saw a door at the end of a hallway and wondered if he should push or pull it so he decided to just knock on it. However, his knock was too forceful that the entire door flew off its hinges, which prompted the startled Abel to question if Mash usually destroys every door he enters.

With the two finally meeting once more, a rematch between them is bound to happen in Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 32. It would be interesting to see if Abel’s doll magic, described by Rayne as magic that exceeds what’s required of a student, would be able to threaten Mash.

Aside from the fight between Abel and Mash, another exciting fight might also be featured in Mashle chapter 32. Rayne, who is looking for the criminals hiding inside the academy, might finally find his targets, which means that a fight between them is inevitable.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Chapter 32 will arrive on Sept. 27, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.


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